Appsted sets a benchmark with successful delivery of 1000+ unique, versatile mobile apps

With people increasingly utilizing mobile software for business and pleasure, numerous companies have come up with mobile app development services to fulfill the demand for bug-free mobile applications. Appsted has emerged as a global leader in delivering fully functional mobile applications that serve varying needs.

Recently, Appsted announced the successful delivery of over 1000 unique and versatile mobile apps. The company understands the importance of mobile apps for staying connected with the customer base and aids you to hire Android app developer and iPhone professional as well at its best. In the last five years, Appsted has designed and launched brilliant mobile apps for more than 10,000 customers in different countries of the world. More recently, during a press meet, the company’s spokesperson proudly announced the successful delivery of 1000+ mobile applications to global clients. While making the announcement, the spokesperson told the media “We, at Appsted are proud to announce the successful delivery of 1000+ mobile applications to individuals hailing from different business verticals. Having received rave reviews for our mobile apps, we seek to impress and meet the mobile apps development expectations of our clients. I would like to thank all our clients for showing such level of trust in us and encouraging us for delving into mobile app development for numerous domains.”

Key Mobile App Development Services rendered by Appsted include:

  • iPhone/iPad Development

  • Android Development

  • Windows Development

  • HTML5 Mobile Development

Appsted’s spokesperson also added “We believe that mobile has outgrown as one of the biggest defining technologies for contemporary businesses. After having served clients of all sizes, ranging from one-man entrepreneurs and growing small organizations to huge industrial giants, we enjoy working with clients who come to us with unique mobile app ideas.”

Appsted specializes in delivering mobile app development services for native mobiles, hybrid and HTML5 Mobiles. Here’s a look at some of the highly commendable mobile apps developed by Appsted team:

  • Fitness Tracker Android App- This is a tempting Android app specially developed for the health conscious population. Whether you’re a cyclist, a runner or a jogger, you can install this app into your Android phone to keep a good track of your time, distance, speed and altitude.

  • PinyPoint Health iPhone App- This is an iPhone app custom-made for people suffering from different ailments. With this app, you can record your health symptoms, tag photos and save activities of the affected body part, followed by submitting the same to the physicians for the purpose of most-suited medication.

  • Manage Expense Android App- This is yet another major offering by mobile app developers at Appsted. This robust Android application allows you to manage your incomes and expenses via categorizing the same. You can manage multiple bank accounts and import-export account activities in a simple manner.

  • Soccer Stats Pro Android App- As an attempt to contribute to the sports industry, Appsted launched its Soccer Stats Pro Android application. With this application, all soccer lovers can easily record soccer game statistics and keep a good track of soccer season records and key statistics of each individual soccer player and their team.

Boasted with a team of professional mobile app developers, Appsted has been meeting and exceeding the expectations of mobile app seekers. The team has a thorough knowledge on all major mobile technologies that have been utilized for successfully executing numerous mobile apps development projects. With a focus on developing clear, crisp, eye-catchy and easy-to-understand mobile applications, the company has empowered several businesses across the globe.

With mobile applications becoming a part of our daily lives, Appsted has turned as an ‘Angel’ for people looking for highly functional mobile applications. From social networking apps and hotel reservation apps to music and gaming apps, experts at Appsted are well abreast with all the ins and outs of developing highly relevant and bug-free apps. All the mobile apps developed by Appsted have helped in sky-rocketing the sales ratio of business organizations. The company keeps a keen eye on mobile markets and technologies that are being introduced for effective mobile app development.

As a professional mobile application development company, Appsted has the potential of delivering mobile apps that can take your business towards greater heights of success. The company works at simplifying mobile application development by combining different scripts including JAVA, HTML5 and CSS3. This ensures that the clients are not bound to a single platform and their apps work perfectly on a variety of mobile operating systems. Appsted not just delivers you flawless mobile apps but even renders you suggestions on improving upon a yet-to-be-worked upon mobile app idea. If you too are in search of a perfect Mobile App Development Company that renders complete app development solutions, Appsted is the company that won’t disappoint you.

Appsted- Delivering iconic Mobile Apps since 5 years

With the ever-growing success of mobile apps, there’s been an incredible increase in the count of Mobile App Development Companies. More and more people are switching towards the development of mobile applications that can be used for promoting a business product or service. If you too are on a look out for the best mobile app then Appsted is the company you can trust. Having completed 5 successful years in the Mobile App Development industry, Appsted continues to remain one of the leading mobile application development companies.

Appsted has been utilizing result-driven project management techniques for delivering high-performance mobile applications for different mobile operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry etc. With a keen eye on building scalable and modular mobile applications, Appsted has been appreciated for its contribution to the world of mobile applications. With mobiles overpowering desktops and laptops, the need for excellent mobile applications has become undeniable. Mobile application developers at Appsted believe in making technology as your ladder of success. Hence, these professionals ensure to remain committed towards delivering high-quality mobile applications that can serve different purposes. As a renowned mobile app development services firm, Appsted has its business spread across the globe.

Here’s a list of iPhone and Android Application Development Services delivered by Appsted:

  • iPhone/iPad Development

  • Android Development

  • Windows Development

  • HTML5 Mobile Development

App Developers at Appsted continuously update themselves with everything that’s latest in the field of mobile application development. By maintaining a thought on behalf of its clients, the company is equipped with all the necessary knowledge that needs to be put into making an app development project a complete success. Appsted is the company which offers real value for your money. Some of the remarkable mobile apps delivered by the company include:

  • Manage Expense Android Application- This is a robust mobile app which allows you to manage all your expenses and incomes. With this app installed in your Android device, you can easily track your expenses and income in a categorized manner. Also, you can choose to schedule payment, manage multiple accounts, manage reports, receive payment alerts and indulge in a variety of import/export activities.

  • Stutix- This is an amazing Events Booking iPhone Application which allows the UK-based students to find and buy tickers to all the upcoming events at real discounted prices. With this app installed in their iPhones, the UK students can security purchase tickets to gain entry at some of the UK’s leading and exciting events specially held for students.

  • Fitness Tracker Android Application- This is yet another brilliant offering by Appsted. Specially designed for the fitness freaks, this Android application allows you to track the time, distance, speed, altitude etc. related to your fitness workout regime. Fitness Tracker is a custom-made mobile application for runners, cyclists, roller-skaters, joggers and everyone else who wants to take out time for his/her health.

  • PinyPoint Health iPhone Application- This is yet another key offering by Appsted. As an out-of-the-box health application, PinyPoint lets patients record their own symptoms visually, followed by tagging photos and other activities related to the affected areas. This recorded information is then directly conveyed to the concerned physician for gathering suitable medication.

Appsted hasn’t refrained itself from exploring different verticals for mobile app development. Some of the key domains covered by Appsted include: Education, Game Development, Social apps, Sports, Medicine, Multimedia, GPS, Bluetooth, News and Magazine, Travel and Lifestyle, Finance etc. Having catered over 5000 mobile apps in the last 5 years, Appsted is all geared up for welcoming newer avenues of mobile application development. Keeping in-line with the changing trends, the company looks forward to deliver bespoke and highly compelling mobile applications which have the potential of standing out from the crowd. If developing an impressive mobile application is on your mind, then getting in touch with Appsted professionals is something you should’nt delay doing.

Why are Mobile Apps Instrumental in a Business’ Success

There won’t the slightest air of exaggeration if someone claims that ours is a mobile-age. Mobiles phones and well and truly invaded several spheres of our lives and going by the trend.

Businesses across the globe have been wise enough to cash in on this mobile frenzy and step on the wagon to empower their business and let it spread its wings further. While on one hand they are making sure they optimize their websites, on the other hand, they are also using the new-age mobile apps for optimizing the in-house operations so that they can be carried out in a faster and more efficient manner.

And, if you happen to be one of those business owners still searching for reason as to why you should give in to the trend and start using mobile apps for your business, here are a few compelling-enough reasons for your consideration:

You Can Access and Upload Data in Real Time

The operations might suffer from the low-speed-syndrome if you have to collect all the requisite information and data manually and then upload it to the server or any system where it’s supposed to be uploaded at. However, there are several mobile apps which automate the whole process and capture pieces of data like content, images, reports in different form, etc, in real time, without much ado. You don’t have to be on the field at all times as everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Make Payments More Efficiently

With the advent of technology, this ultimate Mobile App Development makes the whole processes of getting payments done, making payments, generating invoice, handling sales records through desktop computers has become a little more arduous for the liking. Moreover, the process is time consuming and you might as well ignore certain deadlines or delay certain payments beyond the acceptable time limit. But with an app like Square Card Reader, you can make payments through your mobile and with the PayPal app, the electronic invoices can be generated and sent from any place you want, anywhere you want.

You Can Work Offline

Because these apps allow you to collect all the data right on your phone, you don’t need to stay online all the time and can enjoy access to all the downloaded data from anywhere. Some apps also store your data in the cloud so that any issues with your phone or memory card doesn’t lead to any loss of data.

The Freedom of Customization

Mobile apps let you play around a bit since they give you a lot of free rein over how you wish your processes to be conducted. You can customize your company logo using mobile apps in order for it to be displayed appropriately in the mobile phones.

Mobile Apps Have Become More User-Friendly

One of the emerging trends has been that the mobile apps introduced by skilled Mobile App Developers are being made more and more user-friendly. The earlier generation of apps were seemingly too complex to be used by a host of people who were not exactly tech-savvy. But, realizing the significance they hold for businesses, the mobile app development companies have made serious efforts to make them more attuned to the technical expertise or the lack of it of the general audience.

Mobile apps have certainly become order of the day, and it is not hard to know why. Looking at the massive benefits they hold for us, it is imperative for the businesses to leverage their power and innovation for the benefit of their business in the long as well as in the short term. As we get more and more used to the mobile way of doing things, we can expect the apps to get more and more sophisticated and complex. Not to mention, they will continue to to delightfully surprise us in their own inimitable way.

Swift Arrived! Holding Great Promises for iPhone App Developers

Apple has never ceased to surprise us, and last month, at the Worldwide Developers Conference, it kept up with the tradition when it announced that launch of a new programming language, Swift, which is set to be the replacement for Objective C.

Apparently, this got the whole developer community into frenzy, and understandably so. A new programming language is a development of a very large scale and it does command a lot of attention.

To begin with, you don’t have to entirely switch to Swift for developing a single app. If you are in the middle of a project being coded using Objective C, you can seamlessly use the new components and tools handed over to you by Swift.

The question, however is, will Swift be worth it? Is Swift everything that a developer wants it to be? Or has Apple just tossed at us something which is less than impressive? We are going to answer this question bit by bit:

Areas Where Swift Scores

Lucid View of the Objects: Swift will help every reputed iPhone Development Company get a clear-eyed view of the objects being used, which leads to lesser number of errors.

Real-Time Display of Output and Errors: When you are making changes to your code, you are going to get a better real time view of how it is affecting your results. Also, there is an instant feedback on the errors you make.

Leverages the Features of Scripting Languages: Swift uses the same LLVM compiler, but what gives it an edge over Objective C is the fact that it also draws in on the capabilities of scripting languages like Python.

Reduced Memory Leaks and Debugging Issues with Automatic Memory Management: Swift will provide developers with the automatic memory management feature and also a more streamlined way of debugging process that will make locating and fixing errors a job much more easier and efficient.

A fuss-Free Syntax: The syntaxes of various functions will become easier for the developers to understand and work upon, which would mean lesser development time and more output-driven programs.

Enhanced Speed and Cleaner Execution: The applications written using Swift would be much more faster and will be more attuned to the output expected of them. Swift comes across as a language to developer clutter free code that is sure in its execution, and this will have further effect on the overall functionality and execution of the app developed using the language.

Reduced Development Time: This can leverage every proficient iPhone App Developer as the development time reduces to a fairly good extent, the developers will find more room to get creative.

Swift has got Several Advanced Operators that Are Utilized More Effectively: You have the ‘&’ operator to make sure overflow and underflow are managed correctly, the same operator can also reduce the errors by using it as a character and as a prefix for operators, you can control operator overloading, and loop constructs can also be made straightforward.

Swift comes as a tool that will surely change the mobile development landscape, and by the looks of it, the change will be for good.