5 Top Benefits of DevOps in Mobile App Development Industry

DevOps in Mobile App Development

With so many frameworks are leading the application development industry, DevOps is the new talk of the town. No matter whether you have tapped on this post just to take the holistic view of mobile DevOps or wanted to learn about the benefits of DevOps in Mobile App Development Industry, we have covered everything in this blog.

Since the beginning of turning your business online, the prime focus of the entrepreneurs has been continuously looking for industry best development solutions. However, with the rapid advancement in just a decade, global mobile users are growing 2x faster than the global population. Today, it has become highly important from businesses to sprung into action to create business-driven applications that would capture the more significant segment of the market and generate better leads for your business. While hiring the best mobile development company is the simple solution to meet your business app development needs, but and before stepping ahead to hire the best app developers for your needs, it is worthwhile to upgrade your knowledge about DevOps.

If you don’t have an IT background, then these are the most common questions probably popped up in your mind:

  • What Exactly is DevOps in the Mobile App Industry?
  • What it Has To Offer To You?
  • What are the Benefits of DevOps in the Mobile App Industry?
  • How To Adopt DevOps in the Mobile App Industry?

Let’s get into the deep and understand each point in details…

What is DevOps?

what is Devops

DevOps is a set of “Software development” and “Information Technology Operations” (a set of software development practices), that automates not only the process of application development but also bridges a gap between IT teams and Software development. The concept of DevOps is founded to build a culture of collaboration between the teams that historically capable of functioning on the same platform.

In other words, the concept of DevOps bringing together the best of software development and IT team on the same page just to expedite the software release, ability to resolve critical issues in time, smartly manage all the unplanned work and build the trust.

What DevOps Have To Offer you?

Many businesses are wondering why you should invest in DevOps App Development. Before heading to get in touch with Android Development Company, it is worth to go beyond the basic definition of DevOps and learn what’s in it for you?

1. Collaboration of Developers and Software Development

Collaboration of Developers and Software Development

Did you know what makes “DevOps” a successful concept in the app development industry?

Building the unique culture of shared responsibility, bring transparency in processes, quicker software release, and faster feedback. All these elements lay the foundation of excellent performing DevOp teams that hold all the calibre to take your system beyond your expectations. While this practice brings all the same talents at the same notch, there is a better possibility of eliminating the barriers between Dev and Ops.

2. Work Smarter And Ensure Faster Release

Work Smarter And Ensure Faster Release

Speed is everything in the field of the Cross Platform App Development industry. And the teams that practice DevOps release more frequently and always ensure your project delivery with higher quality and stability. As they involve automated test, standardized tools to review cycles and operational processes, teams can tremendously increase productivity and release more frequently with fewer issues.

3. Shared Responsibility To Managed Unplanned Work

Shared Responsibility To Managed Unplanned Work

Unplanned work is the reality of Mobile App development Industry, where almost every team has to deal with this challenge without impacting the team productivity. With a clear focus and careful prioritization of task, Dev and Ops teams can better manage unplanned work by continues focus on a planned task.

What are the Benefits of DevOps in the Mobile App Industry?

Have you remembered how do developers and operations team used to work before the introduction of DevOps? Instead, following the traditional working pattern, DevOps Mobile App Development has brought the development and operations teams onto the same page. With the introduction of DevOps, responsibilities are equally distributed among different teams with a single objective, so each team has clear visibility of application development.

Apart from that, here are the few Benefits Of DevOps Mobile App:

  • Automation of the application development process
  • Free up more time for the innovations and developments
  • Integrating standardized tools for project review
  • Overall enhancement of user experience
  • Faster resolution of bugs and quick product delivery
  • Stable environment for easy deployments
  • Increase work efficiency and productivity

How to Adopt the DevOps in the Mobile App Industry?

DevOps in the Mobile App Industry

Basically, there are three necessary steps to follow to implement mobile DevOps. Let’s understand how easy you can leverage this practice:

3 C’s to Implement Mobile DevOps

1. Countinuous Planning & Integration

The process of adoption starts from planning what developers, business analysts, testers and operations you would require on the common platform. Determine the scope of the application in the preparation of a release plan. Once you are ready with the “DEV”, it’s time to think about the “IT Operations”. Integrate the best practice and standards of version control that encourage the developer’s community to build error-free modules.

2. Continuous Testing and Monitoring

When it comes to iPhone App Development, testing and monitoring the process becomes highly significant as several factors can affect the success. These factors can be ranging from deciding the platform on which app has to run on to take into account the final resolution, features, the screen of the app.

So testing needs to be carried out in the real environment for the best results. It is worth to carry out testing on actual devices, using the same infrastructure in which it will deploy. And using the automated testing and monitoring process would improve the process handling experience, identifying bugs and resolving bugs quickly.

3. Continuous Delivery and Deployment

All thanks to seamless close collaboration between the Dev and Ops that ensure 6x faster release of the software than the traditional software development process. With automated and standardised tools, they accelerate the process and builds an application with minimal downtime and less configuration to carry out a quicker deployment.

Final Words

Hopefully, you understand the fact, that implementation of the DevOps in Mobile app development industry can be a real game-changer. Not only it increases the work efficiency with automated testing but also minimized the software delivery time. However, if you are new to this concept then adoption of DevOps can be a complicated process for you as it includes various technical and business decisions.

To adopt a continuous mobile DevOps workflow, you can get in touch with the leading Android development company, ” Appsted” to avail top-notch services for application development. Before you take a step to hire mobile app developer, you can check our portfolio and contact us if you have any query.

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