App Development Guide – A Review Of Time To Build A Mobile App

A Review Of Time To Build A Mobile App

Even, in today’s internet infiltrated arena, everyone is addicted to their smartphones. Currently, mobile is not a device that just provides communication, but its functions and features have upsurged with the development of various applications.

In simple words, Android or iOS app development is the source of entertainment, commuting, networking and many more to the list.

There is no doubt that with roughly around 350 billion apps downloaded worldwide, business is waiting to get the same attention. According to the survey, 2.2 million apps are available to download at the Apple play store and with 2.8 million apps at Google play store with a rapidly increasing number.  

The ever increasing industry of app development uncovers a platform for the capitalist of the online shopping landscape. The SME’s and entrepreneurs regard it as an opportunity to cement their footprints in the global landscape. This is the biggest reason; everyone prefers to hire iPhone app developer for developing an exceptional mobile app.   

Developing a mobile app is a time-consuming task and often requires 2-4 months of time to build an app that is dynamic and excellent mobile app, else depends on the level of complexity. And, to get a better understanding of the every know-how of the development project, you need to comprehend the procedure of app creation.

Here is a breakdown of the factors you can except to influence the overall time of developing an app.

1. Funnel Down Your Technical Wants and Realities

Funnel Down Your Technical Wants and Realities

Do you already have an existing website or IoT (Internet-Of-Things) to integrate with your present app? Or still, sitting on the fence, take a look at the below question, and if your digital partner doesn’t answer to the following question, it’s better to think again before hiring iPhone developers.   

  • Where will the app get its data or content?
  • Are they ready to provide peer-to-peer features like a chat?
  • How they’ll tackle the complexity level of app development?
  • Will the project need server hosting?
  • Analytics?
  • Do the firm have a comprehensive understanding of how long does it take to develop a mobile app or even have a CTO (Chief Technical Officer).

The right development firm will have an in-depth understanding of your technical needs to figure out how much they will require to problem-solve with your MVP specifically.

Simultaneously, this may need up some front technical evaluations into the possibilities or even feasibility.

2. Know Your Team Requirements

Are you already technical or dwell with technical expertise? Or are you in the lookout for a design strategy? Even, are you a newbie or an entrepreneur with a fresh idea that is in the help of executing from starting to completion.

If hire app Android developer and owning your app-building development in-house is an essential part of your business strategy in developing your MVP, then it’s time for you to take into consideration the time required to hire and train your team.

Nevertheless, if your biggest demur is to market, inching towards an app development firm who can assign a full-time work for your project, so, make the right move in between hiring the in-house developer’s team or outsourcing it to an agency.

After, now you are done with the hiring. The next comes “Planning”. Once you know all your marketing, it’s time to plan out the development process. The planning stage includes decision regarding the configuration of the app, especially between the both – Android and iOS, native or hybrid, cross-platform or merely not, and web-based app or mobile app-based.

Now, the plans are made, its time to add features. But, keep in mind the elements should not slow down the app, nor does it should complicate the whole process.

All these planning are quite complex and may require a month or more.

3. Understand “It Always Take Longer Than Expected”

It Always Take Longer Than Expected

Unforeseen circumstances, for instance, like iOS release or some third party integration changes, or some unexpected challenges that arise while quality testing may add up in the time. So, it’s better to give yourself a buffer instead of a drop-dead deadline to complete the project.

The last but not the least thing is to release a product that’s not broken, buggy or worse. You only get one chance to make an impression, and you don’t want to be one of those apps that are downloaded and immediately discarded.   

Therefore, It’s mandatory to look after the development process with the right iOS and Android Application development company. Right from the USER INTERFACE to the BACK-END, everything is essential for the mobile app.

The front-end and the back-end are also imperative of the app development project. The front-end is what user’s see, and the back-end is development. The back-end connects the user interface with the system and allows the smooth functioning of the app.

4. Know The Roadmap Of Your Project

Know The Roadmap Of Your Project

The most important thing to understand while asking how much time will it take to build an app is “Testing” as knowing that releasing your product’s MVP to the app store is just a first step. There are several reasons to improve and enhance your app over time.

Probably you want to satisfy clients and their expectations, or harness the advantages of the emerging technologies and smartphones functionalities. Moreover, include new business realities, offerings, and models.

All these things should be part of your long-term plan of your app development. Even, the idea when or what are the minimum that make market realities make you consider “backing out” the product someday.

A great firm should provide a lending hand to develop and plan your product beyond the MVP and jell into the future with the breakdown of what features you need to include in future launches and how they will drive benefits to your business goals.

Moreover, make sure quality testing is done before the final launch. The last bugs can be identified by the test – alpha and beta test. After the final examination, the app is finally ready to be launched.  


We at Appsted always says that “Apps aren’t one-and-done”. and walk the extra mile to deliver the best to our global clients. We pay attention to how much time will be taken solely depends upon the features, frameworks, platforms and the experts working on the project, so, this was our iPhone developer take on the app development process timelessly and even some ways to eliminate the time from gushing down the drain.

However, to result with a good app, especially the one that generates massive traffic and sales, get your free estimation or feel free to ring at +1.585.416.0088.

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