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And in our efforts to ensure that, we have documented a to-the-point privacy policy that is testament to our word of protecting our client's information. The contact details that you provide us with, like your e-mail id's, messenger id's, and phone numbers will only be used to answer your queries and communicate with you during the course of the project. Besides this, these will also be used to communicate to you the latest technological updates, new offers, products launches, new features, etc. We can also use the same information for the marketing endeavors, keeping it within the organization. NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT We send out a straightforward message to the Internet users that Appsted' website content including text, entities, information, audio, links, photos, electronic arts, graphics, software, videos, animation, and communication is protected under US Trademark and Copyright Laws. It is illegal to make copies, distribution, recreation, and publishing or application of it for any personal or commercial endeavor. In addition to that, the law also does not permite anyone to use reverse engineering techniques on the content features and services on any other server. REGISTERED TRADEMARKS Domain www.Appsted.com and trademarks Appsted and Appsted Ltd. are fully owned trademarks of Appsted Ltd. We can take a legal action against the person or organization, who claims to own them in any manner. POLICY AGAINST OFFENSIVE CONDUCT We do not accept the use of inappropriate language or conduct that signifies any sort of vulgarity, racism, sexism, hatred in the comments by users on the website. Prohibited form any such gestures, the accused is entitled to face the legal action by us. We reserve the right to disown any user material related to pornography, terrorism, punishable offence, hatred in any form at any point of time. We have all the rights to remove anything that violets our policy. INDEMNIFICATION POLICY As the user access the website, he or she agrees to hold and indemnify Appsted, its affiliates, officers, agents, partners and employees inoffensive of any claims or demands including third party attorney fee. LOCAL LAWS and EXPORT CONTROL Appsted is headquartered in India and has a virtual base in US. It is governed by its India office. Therefore, we do not hold the contents as available or appropriate for the users of other countries. We are not accountable if our users do not comply by local laws, including import or export, even if he or she comes from a country other than India and US. Appsted reserves the right to deny services to a native of country which is barred from doing buisness . Moreover, the content we have published on our website or we distribute through it is in accordance with and follows the laws set by the Indian and US Government. 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