8 Major Challenges For iPhone App Development – A Developer’s Outlook

iPhone app development services

Did You know!

“The Revenue Earned By The App Store By The App-In Purchase Crossed a Whopping Amount Of $ 1billion”.

These statistics clearly point that Apple’s app store is the rewarding and fruitful investment for Apple and if somehow you missed the option to be on the Apple app store, yes you are missing on earning a considerable sum.

Indeed, this approach of business is promising and really apparent. Still, on the same note, the upsurge demand for the best iPhone app development is alluring a handful of challenges for developers. Moreover, in such a packed up to the hilt and densely populated app store publishing your app is the real demur.

As you know, there is no shortcut to success. Similarly, there is no doubt, to attract the audience, the iOS developer is ready to walk the extra mile with their efforts to overcome the roadblocks to achieve success.

Mainly, the iOS latest version comes along with challenges wrapped with numerous functionalities. Even, Apple introduced approximately 4,000 new APIs for developers to harness the advantage and execute in an application development process.  

So, keep on reading the blog for recognizing the challenges faced by the proficient iOS app developer now and in 2020.

#Challenge 1: A Hitch With Memory & Storage Management

Every Apple device comes along with its own set of storage and memory management, thus, in such scenarios, if your developed app occupies a lot of space, users without any second thought will un-install your app.

Therefore, while developing an app for the iOS platform, it’s mandatory to keep all the storage-related concerns in mind. Experienced iPhone app creator pay special attention to the storage issue and try not to occupy much space in the phone memory, no matter on what device your app is running.

Even, if you are considering to develop app only for one version, then also you cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that many users still use the same versions on different devices.

For example, there are some famous games with several gigabytes that look for a big room in the storage of the phone. The same problem encounters with the device of two generations working on the latest editions. So for both of them, the games would not be supportive. And, you need to be very cautious about what your applications need to reach the right audience.

#Challenge 2: The App’s Affability

challenges for developers

Amid technology breakthroughs, there are a lot of updates introduced by Apple every now and then. Therefore, making it really dull for developers to make the application affable with all the latest updates.

It is easy to develop an app supporting limited editions, but then you have to minimize the number of users. The elimination of 32-bit OS propels an outcome to various of the apps, thus is such instances, it becomes really crucial and imperative to develop a vibrating app sustaining all the latest updates and Apple’s versions.

Thus, it is must to test an application by TaaS product to recognize the issue.

#Challenge 3: Beta Testing

iPhone app developers

This is the most significant milestone in the entire process of iOS app development services. The iOS app developers just can’t miss on the Beta testing, as this plays a crucial role in Apple strategy. It launches the beta testing framework for every application that embarks with the latest editions.

Moreover, Beta testing will enable you to work out the bugs and will look for a streamlined mobile app flow. Remember, the first impression is the last impression to captivate the audience. So, make the most of it.

#Challenge 4: App’s Ivory Tower

The foremost and essential is to protect your application with a robust and secured infrastructure. Implementing the complicated and identical security concerns is not an easy job. The developers have to validate all the security-related parameters before imbibing them into the app.

However, there are significant transformations of data infringes, and in a scenario where your app is released void of the authentication parameters then indeed, there is the probability of your app getting uninstalled by the user at very instant.

#Challenge 5: Receiving The App Approval

receiving app approval

This is considered as one of the challenging tasks for developers while the development is in progress. And, the journey of getting the app published in the Apple app store is very hard, and the developers are adhering to abide by all the app publishing, coding, and the development strategy.

Just a minor violation can frame a concern for getting the app rejected over the app store. This probably shows no room for mistake, so make sure you rely on the experienced and trusted iOS app development company for your project success.

#Challenge 6: Optimal Use Of Screen

iOS app devices are the top-most choice of myriad people because of its clean design concept and excellent user interface. Nevertheless, it seems a daunting task to utilize the screen space optimally and create an attractive yet alluring user interface.

The user interfaces only display the core features and functionality in an intuitive process flow as developers can have a confined or limited amount of space. It is the biggest challenge to manage the limited amount of screen space with an expectation to manifold business profit from the iOS application.

#Challenge 7: The Battery Life

The Battery Life

iPhone app development services should not devour the dominating battery power with the user’s device usage while keeping the performance of the app quite optimized and simultaneously delivering a swift and optimal user experience.

As a result, app developers want to persist on developing an app that is only spontaneous but also battery compatible. This approach assists in augmenting the probability of iOS app yearning to stay on the user’s device for a pretty long time.

Hence, hire iPhone app developer that involve focusing on the battery issue as well as creating mobile apps for various other devices.

# Challenge 8: Applications Integrated With Sandbox Environment

Applications Integrated With Sandbox Environment

Are “Sandbox and its use” a new term for you?

Don’t worry! Let’s have a quick glance about it first.

Sandbox is considered as a testing environment that isolates untested codes, changes, and complete experimentation from the production perspective, in the dimensions of software development and web development along with revision control.    

This is all about third-party applications integrating into a sandbox environment on the iPhone. Sandboxing lends a hand to developers to prevent the extent of damage that can compromise on causing the app to any iPhone.

Contrary to it, it develops any other set of app challenges that need to contact data from outside their sandbox directory.

# Challenge 9: Mismatch Of User & Developer Network Speed

Mismatch Of User & Developer Network Speed

The speed of network while developers work and the user work are two different amplitudes. So, the developer should consider the data usage of the application not only for foreground but for the background too.

Moreover, to accomplish improved outcomes, developers need to pay attention and even speed up the app performance and turn the corner for data consumption required by the app.  

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