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It’s a time to rejoice for the Android users, as the long awaited Google’s Android N version is released in the month April 2016. We’re not making you April Fool! The whole tech industry is talking about its marvels. It has come up with a plethora of interesting features, and its developer’s preview will certainly assist to dive deep into the new updated functionality of Android N.

Android N

Google has also confirmed to enrich Nexus devices first with Android N viz, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Pixel C, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. Rest it has planned to introduce the final version of Android N in Q3 of 2016. So if you want to become a proficient Android app developer, here is the overview of Android N.

Overview: Android N Developer Preview

1. Multi-window Support

Multiwindow Android N

It has given access to Android users to enjoy the popups of two apps on the screen at once. Android N users can run two apps simultaneously or in the split screen mode. They may also resize the apps by dragging the divider between them. On Android television devices applications can put themselves in picture-in-picture mode which assists in showing content while using the browsers or interacts with other apps.

2. Notification Enhancements

Android N, has redesigned the notifications system. It is done with the objective to provide easier and faster use. The new version has updated the notification template and has also given a leverage to customize more of the user interface labels which is associated with the MessageStyle class.

The notification enrichment is also accompanied with Bundled notifications, direct reply for real-time communication apps.

3. Introduction to Profile-guided JIT/AOT Compilation

The newly born version of Android N has introduced Just in Time (JIT). It lets turbocharge the Android Apps as they work. The another new Ahead of Time (AOT) assist in improving the runtime performance, preserve storage space and fastens the system updating process.

4. Number Blocking

Android N also supports a new feature number blocking. It helps the service providers to maintain a blocked-number list. It provides a harmonious way for apps to support number blocking from the extended range of devices. The default mobile application like phone or SMS or carrier apps can read and write to the blocked-number list. At the same time, the list is also inaccessible to other apps.

5. Call Screening support

Android N allows screening incoming calls with the default phone app. The new CallScreeningService can be implemented by the phone app which allows it to perform based on an incoming call’s Call.Details. It may perform functions like reject the incoming call, does not give permission to allow the call to the call log or avoid displaying the user notification for the call.

6. Multi-locale Support, More Languages

Android N let the users choose the multiple locales in the setting. This helps to support bilingual use-cases. The Android application may use the API and offer a sophisticated experience for multi-locale users. It also extends the range of languages available to its users. It offers more than 25 variants and partial support for more than 100 new languages.

7. New Emojis

Android N introduces new emojis and its related features such as skin tone emojis. You may check the emojis in your present phone by using the has Glyph(String) method.

8. Improved lock for security

Android N has also brought smart lock which is meant for the password. Although this feature was introduced with the Android Marshmallow and provides the leverage to users for storing their app passwords, which prevents from sign-in over and over again. But this feature has one major limitation of compatibility. This fails to secure passwords.

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