How to install Android SDK on Windows & Mac OS?

Thanks to the latest package from Google Inc. installing the Android SDK (software development kit) has become far easier. This one SDK file will give you almost everything that will help you communicate with the with your mobile phone via the USB port. The SDK files consist of several tools like ADB (Android Debug Bridge) and Fastboot which will make your communication stronger and stable.

Android App Developers

If you are planning to use SDK for Android app development, then this article will assist you in installing the SDK on the Window and Mac OS.

Getting started with the Android SDK

You can download the SDK file directly from the Google. The file downloaded from the web is compressed. Thus you need to be familiar with the compressed files- and should also know how to extract the necessary setup files from the folder.You need to extract your compressed file into the following locations:

  • Windows: The root of your C: drive

  • OS X: Your home folder

  • It will be good that you rename the extracted folder to “Android development”, this will make your rest of this guide and your time with the SDK quite easier.

Installing Android SDK on Windows

If you are still using the previous version of Windows, then you can no longer set the PATH in the autoexec.bat or autoexec.nt file. Make sure you update your system’s Environment Variable settings. Here’s how you can do it on a Windows 8 powered machine.

  • Click on the Start Key of your keyboard

  • Type Environment Variables in the search box

  • As you will type, you will see an option to Edit the system environment variables. Select it

  • An environment variable window will open, choose the PATH line item in the Systems Variables Sections, then click on the Edit button.

Add the full path to the Android SDK Tools and Android SDK Platform-tools folders in the edit box which is separated by the semi-colon. The path file should look something like this:


Installing Android SDK On Mac OS X

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You need to set your PATH variable on the machine powered by the Mac OS X in your bash profile. Doing so is quite easy, and all this is included in one file. In the home folder, there will be a file named .bash_profile. Open it with the text editor. Once it is opened, you might see a blank file, or it may contain some other information. All you need to do is to add a couple of lines on the top of the file:

  • export PATH=”$HOME/Android/tools:$PATH”

  • export PATH=”$HOME/Android/platform-tools:$PATH”

Save the file, and then reboot your computer, so the new PATH is sourced properly.


After some recent updates, the Android SDK has become more stable and compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. It will be good that you correctly read the instructions before installing it on your PC or laptop.

Bursting The Costing Myths In Mobile App Development

One of the biggest misconceptions which is lingering around in mobile app development world is that developing a mobile app is quite a costly affair. Though I won’t say that developing a mobile app is a penniless job, however you would certainly not need fortunes to make a mobile app. Wherein considering the benefits that they offer is covers up the complete costing factor you need to be aware of the. Mobile apps are no longer just for the entertainment purpose but have now become a major business carriers.

Business owners have started taking mobile app quite seriously as this has the business owners to reach quite easily to their users. Looking at this extensive reach of mobile apps we can see that the business owners need to enter into mobile app development quite seriously. Development cost is a prime discuss  and obviously cost of recruiting a professional Android app developer is a major concern.

The biggest myth! Mobile apps aren’t for Small Businesses

An analysis carried in 2015 of 40, 402 app that were created with app development platform found that it was “expected” businesses for instance gyms, hotels, politicians, golf courses and even plumbers are rising in the development. What is the reason behind why these industries are building more apps, and this is the ease of building apps increases? As we know that it has become quite easy to develop mobile apps, therefore we can see that the potential functionality also increases.

Apart from this, there are several one-off investments such as in-app payments can help them save money for long-term investment and also cut shorts the amount of time it spends in order to fulfil the orders, complete the bookings and take payments. For those who wish to meet their potential clients at several locations, they can easily display data as well as portfolio offline by making use of an app is what that is responsible for finishing a sale or losing a prospect to your competitors.

Cost incurred in developing a mobile app depends of several factors and hence varies regarding requirements. Costing depend on the size of the apps, support, maintenance, content, are certain major points that comes into play while designing the app. Furthermore, cost of the app also depend on what kind of development are you are opting for such as in-house outsourcing a development firm. As discussed earlier certain factors are responsible to certain factors that come into play that determine the cost of developing a mobile app. However, these factors are quite similar for Android apps.

But there are certain apps that need some extra paid tool that costs some extra costs. This is the case with Android games and those apps that require any additional security features or graphics which are beyond the scope of Android app development environment.

The total cost of the app comprises of the following factors:

Hiring the developer:

The cost of hiring a developer depends on the technical expertise as well as the experience rendered by the developer. However, the nominal cost of hiring the developer is a monthly fees of $100 or $ 5-10 per hour.

The resource that you spend in gathering the user’s requirement for the app is quite big. Further, you need to carry on surveys as well as campaigns on staff that requires you to complete this job.

Designing and developing the app:

The design and development cost is the total amount which is spent on the remuneration of the developer and the design as well as other licenses that one might purchase.

Testing the app:

Development through the most essential but not the sufficient condition for developing the complete app. Mobile app testing is one of the primary requisite that involves money. Improper mobile app testing further results to unnecessary deadline delay and cost overruns.

Having a proper marketing strategy:

For this, you need to have a fixed budget for marketing your Android app through CPI, CPM and other things. An app without a proper marketing strategy will be lost in this vast ocean, so as to have a guaranteed success you need to be highly competitive in the industry.

Bare Bones:

When it comes to native app development, we know that the cost incurred is much more when compared with cross-platform app development. For those who do not wish to compromise with their quality must go for native app development which certainly is not the big task if done with proper planning.

Plausible Threats And Solutions Related To Mobile App Security

Within a decade we have seen a drastic transformation in the way use to work such as our checkbooks, memo pads, mini storage devices, id proofs,  accounts,  cameras,  and several other things that deal with our critical and confidential data.

We cannot ignore the fact that critical data requires quite strict security, and this alarms all the users that whether this substitute that they are about to choose for their tried and tested storage method is as competent or not. Security is such a major issue in mobile app development and no matter you hire a professional Android app developer or iOS you cannot afford to ignore the security.

Why is Mobile App Security an area of concern?

Well, the best answer will be to answer all these questions such as that whether you use utility apps such as phone barcode scanners? Are you carrying out a business or running an enterprise app. No matter whether you are running a firm or are an individual business owner who has to store their employee data, trade secrets, business quotations, and other sensitive information which is crucial for your business.

Even start-ups or SMBs that have a retail app that store bank account and credit card credentials of their users. Those who are “freemium monetization model” based app owners, who might be trade money for features

All in all Mobile app security is one of the most crucial aspects of any mobile application development. It’s not just the app owners that fret about the security of their mobile app, but even the mobile app users also need to pay heed to the security of the developers.

Caution for the users

There are many people who are unaware of the fact that how their mobile apps can access their personal data on your mobile device. Well, you are the one’s who allow them to do so by allowing them to access the data which includes all the media files, e-mail id, and  your native gallery features, and this is in the box that appears with the warning before installing the app.

There are several users that click on ‘allow’  in order to install the app for free.  The barter is that we allow all the third parties that are attached to the application get a control on our data as functions of our devices.

Among the total hacking happening around us, there came a stats that showed that about 53 percent of fraudulent in mobile commerce are related to money. Thus happens through their stored credit card details. The rest of them include 47% of the identity thefts, data phishing, and banking frauds.

Hacking of Facebook accounts, Identity theft, morphed photographs, financial thefts, these are some of the repercussions that one needs to bear if one loses the devices, or any confidential information is leaked.

There are certain mistakes that these development firms do while developing these apps and in this blog, we will discuss how to tackle all the mistakes that can help us to botch with the security of the app.

Not securing interactions and transactions that are at high risk:

Those Mobile apps that are specifically built in order to communicate with back-end services.

We have Enterprise apps such as CRM apps that are used by specific companies; they store the back-end data and for this, they use third party integration.

Likewise, we use a third party integration is involved when an app fetches any information which is stored in the cloud server.

Integrations are similar to joints that we have in a chain. Therefore all the integration that are with the backend needs security.

For this, you need to encrypt the data which is present in the encryption algorithms, for instance, the SSL (Socket Security Layer) and is a widely used algorithm for encrypting online data. The TLS (Transport Layer Security) can also be used to further improve the security.

Contingency Plan for Data Management after an attack:

We know that in CRM applications, geolocation apps, social media APIs, the stored data is personal and when leaked might have serious consequences.

Therefore, applications that contain personal data need to adhere to the protocols.

When do we befall this data theft?

Situations when your data gets compromised are:
1. When someone steals your device.
2. You get attacked by a Hacker.

How to tackle?

In the former case which is when you get to lose your device, then you can make use of selective remote wipe of which is the new functionality which is offered by most of the devices nowadays.

Using this you can easily remove sensitive data stored on your devices without even using it. Moreover, there are several phones that also offer a security login that makes sure that the users can easily do the same.

For those who have lost their device can also use a selective wipe for their mobile apps. There are applications such as Google +, Gmail, (google based apps that are integrated with your Google account) that allows the users to erase the sensitive information to delete confidential data from their Android /iOS device allow and even block specific access.

All in all!

Security is one of the strongest pillars on which the complete growth of your mobile application development stands and this cannot be compromised at any cost.
To build a strong app make sure that you adhere to OWASP standards which are the crux of mobile app development and helps to build secure apps.

We can help you out with any questions related to mobile app development or security.
So, feel free to drop us your queries.

The Prodigious Shift To M-Commerce

Mobile has been dominating the retail landscape according to more than five years of leading market researchers prediction. The human lives have been extended with the excessive use of smartphones and tablets. Do you remember, when last time you did not carry your smartphone while going out of your house? In fact, it is no wonder if I say that carrying smartphones is as important as carrying your wallet. They’ve transformed the way we perform our day-to-day activities, and how we communicate with our customers and companies similar.

In multiple device world, both the term “M-commerce” and “E-commerce” have gained a considerable amount of popularity. With the rise of iOS and Android phones, consumers find it easy to search and buy the products on their smartphones. This has also given a huge demand of professional Android app developer or iOS developer. However, mCommerce also fetches up certain drawbacks of e-Commerce viz. lack of mobility, privacy, security, undeveloped software tools, etc. Which further resulted in the acceleration of global mCommerce economy and anticipated to reach 100 billion USD by 2017.

Shift to M-commerce

Here are some critical reasons which have prompted the paradigm shift of e-commerce to m-commerce.

1. Offers personalized

With the enormous increase in mobile phone users, there are many reputed brands like Amazon; Snapdeal has started investing in creating world class mobile platform. The customers can now shop for wide range of products on their smartphones. Within the mobile apps, the users can check the price, expected date of delivery or the scan bar code of items. It also offers an array of information like tracking the status of the product, notification of any new offer on the purchase or exclusive launch of new products.

2. To subdue the drawbacks of E-commerce

As every coin has two sides, E-commerce has several limitations. E-commerce lacks the advantage of mobility, privacy and security concerns. It cannot be considered as a platform for complete security for making transactions despite embodying the best solutions.

3. Advantages offered by Mobile Shopping

The growth of m-Commerce has been boosted with the increase in many factors. This can be done throughout the use of smartphones, excellent UI, great loyalty programs, easy and fast access available 24/7, quick payments, etc. These factors have motivated the use of retail mobile apps.

4. Mobile Commerce would rise E-Commerce ROI

M-commerce and E-commerce are increasing a very quick speed. In a recent study, it was discovered that the return on investment on the m-commerce industry will be enormous by the end of 2016. The study was conducted on the 17600 consumers across 22 countries who are using mobile phones to shop. It resulted in the massive growth rate of 42% in comparison with 13% of the e-commerce sector, by the end of 2016.

5. No limit of Geographic boundaries

Undoubtedly, mobile commerce offers seamless interaction with the brands, retailers and business from across the globe. This has accelerated the demand of M-commerce to E-Commerce. The smartphone users have the privilege of shopping from any corner of the world instead of taking the pains of visiting the local shops of the market or country specific stores.

6. Offers huge business opportunity

The mobile shopping applications serve huge of your target market effectively, thus bringing larger opportunity to the application owners. With the rise of mobile technology, the young generation is more comfortable with digital technology, which has increased the usage of the tablets and the smart phones.

To Conclude

As discussed above, these were some top most reason why there is a significant shift to m-commerce from e-commerce. Apart from the USA, the other significant players in the mCommerce growth are India, China, Turkey, and UAE. Many of the leading e-commerce players like Amazon, eBay, Walmart have already landed into mobile-first strategy after understanding the target audience and its scope. The top fashioned website, Myntra has already taken an exit from its E-commerce website because of greater response from its mobile application.

Thus, we can say, users experience, loyalty program, and 24/7 fastest access are essential to any mobile retail apps.


Have you ever experienced how mobile applications in retail business have open a massive customer database in recent years? They have probably given increase customer conversion with it. Here is why an m-Commerce industry is in prominent demand.

Say Hello To Android N

It’s a time to rejoice for the Android users, as the long awaited Google’s Android N version is released in the month April 2016. We’re not making you April Fool! The whole tech industry is talking about its marvels. It has come up with a plethora of interesting features, and its developer’s preview will certainly assist to dive deep into the new updated functionality of Android N.

Android N

Google has also confirmed to enrich Nexus devices first with Android N viz, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Pixel C, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. Rest it has planned to introduce the final version of Android N in Q3 of 2016. So if you want to become a proficient Android app developer, here is the overview of Android N.

Overview: Android N Developer Preview

1. Multi-window Support

Multiwindow Android N

It has given access to Android users to enjoy the popups of two apps on the screen at once. Android N users can run two apps simultaneously or in the split screen mode. They may also resize the apps by dragging the divider between them. On Android television devices applications can put themselves in picture-in-picture mode which assists in showing content while using the browsers or interacts with other apps.

2. Notification Enhancements

Android N, has redesigned the notifications system. It is done with the objective to provide easier and faster use. The new version has updated the notification template and has also given a leverage to customize more of the user interface labels which is associated with the MessageStyle class.

The notification enrichment is also accompanied with Bundled notifications, direct reply for real-time communication apps.

3. Introduction to Profile-guided JIT/AOT Compilation

The newly born version of Android N has introduced Just in Time (JIT). It lets turbocharge the Android Apps as they work. The another new Ahead of Time (AOT) assist in improving the runtime performance, preserve storage space and fastens the system updating process.

4. Number Blocking

Android N also supports a new feature number blocking. It helps the service providers to maintain a blocked-number list. It provides a harmonious way for apps to support number blocking from the extended range of devices. The default mobile application like phone or SMS or carrier apps can read and write to the blocked-number list. At the same time, the list is also inaccessible to other apps.

5. Call Screening support

Android N allows screening incoming calls with the default phone app. The new CallScreeningService can be implemented by the phone app which allows it to perform based on an incoming call’s Call.Details. It may perform functions like reject the incoming call, does not give permission to allow the call to the call log or avoid displaying the user notification for the call.

6. Multi-locale Support, More Languages

Android N let the users choose the multiple locales in the setting. This helps to support bilingual use-cases. The Android application may use the API and offer a sophisticated experience for multi-locale users. It also extends the range of languages available to its users. It offers more than 25 variants and partial support for more than 100 new languages.

7. New Emojis

Android N introduces new emojis and its related features such as skin tone emojis. You may check the emojis in your present phone by using the has Glyph(String) method.

8. Improved lock for security

Android N has also brought smart lock which is meant for the password. Although this feature was introduced with the Android Marshmallow and provides the leverage to users for storing their app passwords, which prevents from sign-in over and over again. But this feature has one major limitation of compatibility. This fails to secure passwords.

Appsted sets a benchmark with successful delivery of 1000+ unique, versatile mobile apps

With people increasingly utilizing mobile software for business and pleasure, numerous companies have come up with mobile app development services to fulfill the demand for bug-free mobile applications. Appsted has emerged as a global leader in delivering fully functional mobile applications that serve varying needs.

Recently, Appsted announced the successful delivery of over 1000 unique and versatile mobile apps. The company understands the importance of mobile apps for staying connected with the customer base and aids you to hire Android app developer and iPhone professional as well at its best. In the last five years, Appsted has designed and launched brilliant mobile apps for more than 10,000 customers in different countries of the world. More recently, during a press meet, the company’s spokesperson proudly announced the successful delivery of 1000+ mobile applications to global clients. While making the announcement, the spokesperson told the media “We, at Appsted are proud to announce the successful delivery of 1000+ mobile applications to individuals hailing from different business verticals. Having received rave reviews for our mobile apps, we seek to impress and meet the mobile apps development expectations of our clients. I would like to thank all our clients for showing such level of trust in us and encouraging us for delving into mobile app development for numerous domains.”

Key Mobile App Development Services rendered by Appsted include:

  • iPhone/iPad Development

  • Android Development

  • Windows Development

  • HTML5 Mobile Development

Appsted’s spokesperson also added “We believe that mobile has outgrown as one of the biggest defining technologies for contemporary businesses. After having served clients of all sizes, ranging from one-man entrepreneurs and growing small organizations to huge industrial giants, we enjoy working with clients who come to us with unique mobile app ideas.”

Appsted specializes in delivering mobile app development services for native mobiles, hybrid and HTML5 Mobiles. Here’s a look at some of the highly commendable mobile apps developed by Appsted team:

  • Fitness Tracker Android App- This is a tempting Android app specially developed for the health conscious population. Whether you’re a cyclist, a runner or a jogger, you can install this app into your Android phone to keep a good track of your time, distance, speed and altitude.

  • PinyPoint Health iPhone App- This is an iPhone app custom-made for people suffering from different ailments. With this app, you can record your health symptoms, tag photos and save activities of the affected body part, followed by submitting the same to the physicians for the purpose of most-suited medication.

  • Manage Expense Android App- This is yet another major offering by mobile app developers at Appsted. This robust Android application allows you to manage your incomes and expenses via categorizing the same. You can manage multiple bank accounts and import-export account activities in a simple manner.

  • Soccer Stats Pro Android App- As an attempt to contribute to the sports industry, Appsted launched its Soccer Stats Pro Android application. With this application, all soccer lovers can easily record soccer game statistics and keep a good track of soccer season records and key statistics of each individual soccer player and their team.

Boasted with a team of professional mobile app developers, Appsted has been meeting and exceeding the expectations of mobile app seekers. The team has a thorough knowledge on all major mobile technologies that have been utilized for successfully executing numerous mobile apps development projects. With a focus on developing clear, crisp, eye-catchy and easy-to-understand mobile applications, the company has empowered several businesses across the globe.

With mobile applications becoming a part of our daily lives, Appsted has turned as an ‘Angel’ for people looking for highly functional mobile applications. From social networking apps and hotel reservation apps to music and gaming apps, experts at Appsted are well abreast with all the ins and outs of developing highly relevant and bug-free apps. All the mobile apps developed by Appsted have helped in sky-rocketing the sales ratio of business organizations. The company keeps a keen eye on mobile markets and technologies that are being introduced for effective mobile app development.

As a professional mobile application development company, Appsted has the potential of delivering mobile apps that can take your business towards greater heights of success. The company works at simplifying mobile application development by combining different scripts including JAVA, HTML5 and CSS3. This ensures that the clients are not bound to a single platform and their apps work perfectly on a variety of mobile operating systems. Appsted not just delivers you flawless mobile apps but even renders you suggestions on improving upon a yet-to-be-worked upon mobile app idea. If you too are in search of a perfect Mobile App Development Company that renders complete app development solutions, Appsted is the company that won’t disappoint you.