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Coronavirus Infected Location Tracking Mobile App

In a tussle to track, and thus stem the flow of, new cases of Coronavirus, Government across the globe are rushing to track the location of their population.  

Recently, a message splashed atop of a website, “It Is Possible To Stop The Epidemic”. This is created by a team from Oxford University at this time to share new research on the spread of novel coronavirus.

Below is a hopeful statement coming as a big caveat: To stop the virus spread, health officials need to find and quarantine the contacts of infected people – lots of them – and fast. Undeniably, such contacts tracing is a mainstay disease remedial.

But, the Oxford team is one of the distinctive’s to advocate the new approach: Tapping into mobile location data to track the spread of infection and advise people who may have been exposed.

Several governments in Asia have opted for this approach in ways that would run afoul of privacy laws in many respective countries. Let’s take an example of China, reportedly relied on mass surveillance of phones to the group the individuals by their health status and confined their movements.

In addition, research teams in Europe and the USA are considering less invasive ways to collect information and data about the spread and some have already aligned with the experienced mobile app development company to develop and test COVID-19 specific phone apps.

Behind The Chase

Amid uncertainties around its origin story in Wuhan, and many other, the alarming fact about COVID -19 is that it’s extremely difficult to trace the people that have caught the virus. It has wizened to zero assurance that someone has Corona for a time period of 14 days to 20 days. And, by this time the carrier would have to several other people, who in turn spread to other hundreds.

And, the only solution according to many research paper which has been published since December 2019 is “To Break The Chain”. Presently, many governments are looking at measures like lockdown and social distancing, while the real effectiveness will come into the big picture after we are able to track contacts made by the carrier.

Here, we are going to dive and unfurl how this technology, powered by “Bluetooth” for contact tracking, proves to be useful to beat this epidemic.   

One simple way to do this write a smartphone app with proficient Android app developer or iPhone coder.

But before we step ahead with the technical aspects of contact Coronavirus tracing app development and the way to make the application, it’s crucial to understand what COVID-19 tracking app will be and what is the need for one.

Defining – “A Coronavirus Location Tracing Application”  

A Coronavirus Location Tracing Application

In simple words, the contacts tracing COVID-19 mobile apps, communicate with the user (specifically with the people installed the same app) via Bluetooth and stores their data and information locally.

In the scenario, if someone tests positive for Coronavirus, then it’s marked in the system. Further, the system allows the government to trace all the users to whom this carrier has infected and made contact by timestamp.

Moreover, a record of their geographical movements is shared with the healthcare officials. In addition, other phones owner who came in contact with the infected person gets a notification of their infection risk and are then advised to quarantine themselves.

In the flooded choice available, this is only one of the types of contact tracing apps, and we are particularly looking into. The use cases are multiple and can be expanded across several pandemics or huge-number related risks.

Whereas, the intention and advantages of contact tracing apps, is the same for all  – to notify people of the same area which are most likely to be affected by the virus. And in this manner, play your part in breaking the chain of COVID-19 spread.

This contributes to being a prominent reason across the globe why organizations are looking for App Development Company for developing a tracing app to dawdle the spread of Coronavirus.

It’s not practical to talk to gauge whom you have come into contact with. The location and contact tracing mobile apps for detecting coronavirus are simple without breaking your budget. You can track the users in your proximity and notify you in case you are around someone with a high-risk profile.

Also, it can help you in keeping track of the user who might be in the highest risk profile and identify if they need immediate help.

How Will the Coronavirus Tracking App help You In knowing Whether You Are COVID-19 Positive When There Is Scarcity Of The Testing Apps

In the amid of pandemic astriction, the most important question to unfurl is “how contact tracing will work”?

It’s simple!

The application will develop a risk score for every user. Based on the following parameters:

  • Self-Questioning

The application developed for COVID-19 contact tracing usually makes use of emerging technology like AI. as it offers quick access, based on the symptoms that have been recorded by the coronavirus patients based across the globe. And, on the basis of the test, the algorithms identify users risk levels.  

  • Background Checking

With the help of Artificial intelligence test coronavirus and Geo-Fencing, the system is able to trace the user behaviour, especially if the users are following the footsteps with:

  • Participating in isolation or not
  • Abiding with social distancing
  • Being quarantine for 14 days at their home   
  • The transport mode you are using
  • The visit to Coronavirus hot hub area
  • A look at their travel history
  • How many coronavirus risk-prone people individual have met.

Feature Analysis Of An Efficient COVID-19 Location Tracking App

Feature Analysis Of An Efficient COVID-19 Location Tracking App

The feature analysis of well-organized solutions like contact tracing should majorly answer the queries for three separate stakeholders. The stakeholders around whom the complete process of developing a digital contact tracing app revolve are as follows:

City Administration Application Aspect

  • Transport Administration Management

With this option, the city admin will be capable of viewing all the available transport choices and managing routeing transport efficiently. The defined route starting and ending point, the timing schedule, stoppage details, closed routes and dedicated COVID-19 routes.

  • User Management

The city administration will have all the required information around the user’s risk score, trip history, route planner, coronavirus assessment along with the ability to search for a user, etc.

  • Geo-Fencing Management

On partnering with the ideal iPhone app development services or Android development services, the admin can view and build a safe area with the help of geo-fencing. This system allows them to receive alerts for new areas that require immediate attention.

User Side Of The Application

  • User’s Profile

Undeniably, the user must enter their credentials in the app as per requirements that include name, address, age along with their work address too.

  • Vehicle Management

This section includes information about the vehicle – like the model. The making year, chassis number, registration number, year of purchase etc.

  • Self Marking and COVID Assessment

Under this sheath of the umbrella, users will be given a questionnaire assessment, where users need to answer and recognize their risk score.

This is one of a significant benefit.

The questions, aligning with COVID-19 symptoms is generally around the body temperature, experienced symptoms, body ache etc.

  • Contact Tracing

This app is solely based on Bluetooth technology. This makes the use of Bluetooth for converting the device in beacons and switch them between broadcaster and receiver to start logging the contact locally.

The app takes in the Bluetooth permission to toggle the device between beacons broadcaster and receiver in the real timings. The receiver who gets the data, stores it locally along with the information related to device ID, timing and other stuff.   

Without any doubt, it’s the beacon technology that plays an unskippable role in the development of an app like contact tracing to combat the spread of pandemic COVID-19.

  • Route Planner

The users can develop their own route planner by entering their specific starting point, stops, and the final destination. In addition, when you hire a mobile app developer to build your app, make sure to add features like modes of transport, the specific routes, high prone areas and information coming from the genuine sources.

  • Multi-Lingual Ability

Localization is not just a powerful marketing tool, indeed proves one that proves to be extremely helpful when it comes to making an epidemic fighting application successful and useful.

Administration Aspect  

  • Dashboard

Through the dashboard, the administration is able to view the stats and numbers for the active user counts, city admin count, the COVID-19 hot spots, etc.

  • User’s Management

Alike the city admin aspect, the app admin will also have the ability to view user details, the COVID-19 assessments, their travel histories, and lot more.

So, align with the right iOS and Android app Development Company to leave no stone unturned.

  • City Administration Management

This provides the app with a feature to view the city administration on the platform, along with the ability to view their details.

The Technology Basal In Making COVID-19 Location Tracking App

The Technology Basal In Making COVID-19 Location Tracking App

As we all know, COVID-19 is different from all the other pandemic that has ever happened in the world. But, one clear advantage that we all have at present, amidst the uncertainties, is the presence of disruptive technologies like Beacon, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain too.

Presently, there are three technologies carrying the most prominent effects on curbing the rise of COVID-19. Here is the list:

  • Artificial Intelligence

Ever, since the first outbreak of COVID-19 on 31 December 2019, there have been several data floating in from across the globe about Coronavirus. There are multiple ways these data points can be entered into the intelligent systems which focus on churning out insights and actions items that can curb the virus from spreading.

If you want to have a look, how this proves to be a playground for the businesses looking to revolutionize healthcare with AI.

  • It detects the next outbreak
  • Accelerates up drug discovery
  • Robots and drones lend their hand to the medical staff
  • Chatbots sharing genuine information about the symptoms and its outbreak.
  • Blockchain Technology

We agree it is impossible for any country to be fully prepared for a sudden pandemic like COVID-19 outbreak. But, with Blockchain technology at disperse, businesses are finding numerous use cases to control the epidemic.

Find here how with the fore-runner mobile app development company!

It is impossible for any country to be fully prepared for a sudden pandemic like what coronavirus is. But with Blockchain technology at hand, businesses are finding several use cases to control the pandemic.

Here are a few points:

  • Keeping a track of the origin of donation.
  • Making the insurance process transparent
  • Tracking of the medical supply chain with the help of smart contracts.
  • Lower transactions, safe and secure cross-border payments.
  • Beacon Technology

Beacon technology proves to be very helpful in making the next to the impossible track app. The user’s location, the route they followed, the vehicle they took and lot more. The solution of this lies in the usage of a BLE beacon technology that converts your device into a beacon.  

Beacon is one that gives out signal making geofencing of COVID-19 prone and safe areas possible.

In The Last…  So, as a responsible citizen, it’s everyone duty to fight against the epidemic together and stand together.

Hopefully,  with this knowledge, the probability of breaking the chain increases manifold and gear up to a brighter tomorrow.

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