The Mini Guide to Construct Progressive Web Application (PWA) By Using ReactjS

Progressive Web Application Development

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) has been in the discussion of every individual out there now.  Yes! It has been in the market for quite some time, but it is making a name for itself and gaining attention more each day. Introduced by Google in the year 2015, PWA is an app that holds features like an offline capability, push notifications, performance, local caching of assets etc.

One of the biggest factors that PWA posses is that it tends to work really well with poor network connectivity too. And sometimes even with no connectivity. They tend to accomplish it by caching the web app assets and then downloading the updates in the background. One of the biggest advantages of using Progressive Web Apps is that they allow  access to native features such as push notifications

The best part – the user does not need to learn Java, Objective-C, Swift, or React Native. They can construct it with the help of Angular, Vue or react. Thus, to make your work easier this is the post which would direct you on how to make progressive web application by ReactJS.

But before any Mobile App Development Company gets into the details.

What is Progressive Web Application?

It is a web app that tends to use modern web applications to deliver an app-like experience to the audience it is serving. These apps suffice specific provisions that are deployed to servers, available through URLs and listed by all kinds of search engines.

PWA tends to operate in connection with the capacitor to store various deploy spots for all the users they are working for. The Android App Development Company deploys the app as a PWA and also as a Native app. Not only this, but it also takes benefit of both channels.

What Does PWA has to offer?

Not only in the optimization advantages but PWA provides the users with a plethora of goodies. Mobile App Creator can go through the advantages once, and make a vivid choice. This would give a clear view to the users using it.

1. Progressive Enhancement

Progressive Enhancement

It tends to operate well for every user no matter how the browser choice of the user is. The app would run properly on a massive range of browsers and would also degrade graciously when several functionalities are not available.

2. Native Like Experience

It tends to provide a good mobile experience to the users. It is a web app that tends to feel like an interactive system with Android and iOS.

3. Responsiveness


The platform can match to fit in any type of screen size be it a tablet, iPad, iPhone and then automatically adjusts new and narrow spaces.

4. Push Notifications

Progressive web application (PWAs) are supposed to be engaging with a certain push notifications, they tend to have popped up notifications to notify about any user request, current news, messages and other things.

How to Create Progressive Web Application using React.JS

Here are some of the steps that would help the user to set up the environment to construct their desirable ReactJs Progressive web application and also in the process that include Cross Platform App Development.

1. Install the Reactjs Project

Install the Reactjs Project

The user first needs to input commands, codes like:

npm install -g create-react-app

create-react-app pwa-react-app

After you have installed the projects, start the application with the help of the following command

npm start

The user can begin the checklist by using Lighthouse. It is a tool that helps in auditing app for PWA feature and helps in verifying the app meets with a respectable bar for web performance.

2. Registering a Service Worker

Services WOrker tends to act like a proxy server that tends to sit between the app and the workers. This would allow the web app to operate even if the system seems offline. However, react.js would provide one registerWorker.js file inside src folder. The user first needs to create a blank service-worker.js file inside the public folder and then add the codes.

Next, they need to add the code in index.html to verify the browser support. After the addition, of the code, the user would witness the browser’s console panel and find a message that says “Service Worker registration successful http://localhost:3000/” this means that the browser is supporting the service-worker otherwise it is not supported.

Now, go to the lighthouse and audit the web application.

3. Ensuring the Browser that it is PWA

Ensuring the Browser that it is PWA

Now, all the Mobile App Developer needs to do is add some more codes to tell the browser that it is not an ordinary progressive web application, thus they need to add an ordinary web application

<meta name=”mobile-web-app-capable” content=”yes”>

Now, same for mobile device and especially iOS devices.

<meta name=”apple-mobile-web-app-capable” content=”yes”>

4. Creating Bootstrap react components

The foremost thing that the user needs to do is add the bootstrap to the project. So add the link that the user would find in the index.html file. Also, construct one components folder inside src folder.

Now, construct one component called Navbar.js inside components folder, and then add Navbar.js component inside App.js file. Next, construct a new component inside the components folder called Content.js.

In the Nutshell

Modifying and creating react  application to PWA might seem incredibly simple, but it is opt in for a good reason. Before the user tends to deploy it to PWA there are these important things that you need to be aware of.

The first among which is that the user requires to be serve the web application over HTTPS. THe service workers only operate on the web apps that are served over HTTPS.

Secondly make sure that cache cannot be updated until all the open tabs are closed. This can be because the app can run different applications on different apps. Before you Hire App Developer and start with the process make sure that you are aware of the above steps.

We hope that this article has provided you with every possible solution. If you have any doubt regarding the following topics or feel that something is missing from the whole write up then you can input your reviews in the comment section below, our professionals would look through it and provide each user with a good troubleshooting tips and solutions.

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