Mobile App For Logistic Business – From Inkling To Inception

In the present scenario, getting the right product to the correct place at the right time without breaking your budget is an epitome for your business success. So, to abreast the competitive trajectory, many tech-savvy professionals are partnering with experienced mobile app Development Company as a must-have tool for exceptional excellence.

To make the picture clear “There are even apps that can replace your logbooks to make your job an easy task”.  

You must be wondering how?

Yes, it is made possible with “Logistic Apps.”

Let’s dive deep and understand every how, when and why!

With the evolution of smart devices, it has extensively affected the whole arena from organizations to customers. Because of the latest innovations in the domain of app development, transportation, and logistic apps have become the hotbed for adopting healthy custom mobile resolutions.  

The core motive behind its inception is to provide the user with easy access to track their shipments.

If still, you are rendering the uncertainties it’s  time to pay attention to decisive facts listed below:

  • The logistic industry is one of the backbones of international trade worth over 5.5 trillion Euros in 2018 and still growing exponentially.

Therefore, it’s evident for transportation and logistic businesses to grow by leaps and bounds globally.  

So, if you are in this business, you need to get ready to grab the opportunities produced by the rise in the on-demand economy and entrepreneurial attempt to emerge their business across the border.

It will just simplify all the onus of work as you carry the tasks through a single app.

So, let’s discuss the numerous aspects and unfurl why the logistic companies are on the lookout for a reliable mobile app.

1. Keep A Closed Eye For The Vehicle Location

In the present scenario, most of the apps have the geo-location facility integrated with their app, and indeed this pioneer feature is a must-have in the logistic mobile app. You can instantly receive the information on the location of the vehicle.

Also, the user can even track the location by utilizing GPS technology. GPS is basically based on satellite tracking. The trackers track the location of the vehicle and then send the information to the particular server through the mobile network or satellite modem.

Whereas, on the contrary, the trusted app development company include the cellular tracking feature, which is more dominant in the urban areas due to much better network coverage. The location of the truck can be traced in real-time.

However, if there is no network, the data then gets stored in the memory and becomes available once the system is retrieved.

2. Easy Fleet Management

As already know, the logistic companies have a fleet of vehicles, especially the truck, which needs to be managed well and appropriately. This step is essential if you want to enhance the services of cargo transportation. Moreover, the performance of the trucks fleet will also improve exponentially.

The app will keep data of all the registered trucks at several routes and also can store the registration numbers of all the vehicles included in the fleet. Besides, you can even not down which truck driver is driving which truck and where is he presented at the moment.

Even the inception of the vehicle is essential. The app keeps the user informed if your vehicles requires a servicing including the condition of the engine and breaks etc. Even, the user can also be familiar whether the truck has built a snag on the road and see if it’s getting overloaded or not.

3. Online Cargo and Parcel Booking

To match pace with dynamically changing era, most of the renowned courier and logistic companies like FedEx or DHL offer the facility of online booking. Harnessing this feature, a user can easily book his parcel or goods that to from their comfort zone. This can be done using the mobile app created by trusted iOS and Android app development company as well.

All those efforts required will be to log into your account, select the appointed date and time for pickup, enter the two places, from where the goods are sent and what is the destination, what category of the parcel it is, for instance, Cloth, books, medicine, etc.

The app provides you with the benefit of not only scheduling the appointment for the pickup but also set your own time for the delivery of the goods.

You can get the tariff rates based on whether it’s a domestic or an international cargo. This eventually saves your lot of time as you don’t have to travel to your next courier services centre.

4. Easy Track-Down Of Cargo Through App

Without any further duo, this is supposed to one of the most distinctive job profiles as far as the logistic company is related. The concerned person has to monitor and keep track of the cargo movements continuously. This intentionally means keeping an apt record of what type of cargo is travelling in which vehicle.

To make it simple, it’s essential to hire mobile app developer with a proven track record that are open to opt for either of the mentioned alternatives. It consists of using the QR-code, and later you can work with RFID or NFC technologies.

The first option is relatively simple as you just require to scan the QR code for each set of the assets using the smartphone. Even, you can use the camera of your phone, or you can make use of the specific scanner or QR-code app.

While, in the second method, which is using the Radio Frequency IDentification, one uses the frequency or the waves of the radio for scanning and identifying the goods. In this, you will find a scanner and a tag which compiles with a chip or an antenna. The tags are active and passive. The tracking capability of active tags is approximately 100 meters, whereas the passive tags have the potential of only 25 meters.  

There is also NFC or better to say Near Field Communication Technology grounded on the same technology, but the subtle difference lies with the distance. The NFC tags are placed in very close proximity within the range of the scanner.

So, along with advantages comes the drawback too. It does not allow you to scan all the assets using this technology.

5. Drivers Partner Information

The logistic app created include a driver’s profile which keeps and maintain the track record of the driver including his name, age, driving license number, date of its expiry, whether he has any police case registered against his name and the list goes on.

Besides, you can also jot down the duty hours of each of the driver and if they are reporting on time or not.

6. Warehouse Management Made Easy

Logistic is not just about transportation and delivery of the goods, but it is also about managing your warehouses well. As air is to breathe, the warehouse is to logistic and shipping. But it’s also about managing your warehouse well.

The warehouse is a valuable space where all the inventories are stored before being dispatched to the final destination. So, make sure your app guide you better regarding the proper storage locations, and it will be easier to check the inventory. All the information is stored in the database.  

So, it’s crucial to partner with the most trusted and experienced Android app developer to make your app a hot pick for millions of users around the world.

7. Advanced Flexibility and Retention

This is another unskippable crucial benefit of a mobile app for logistics. It has the potential to re-write the course of transportation routes, as well as delivery schedules.

Moreover, this is the high time to talk about the business owners and clients; then it’s translated as control and much flexible. Since transportation and logistic app development build enlarged power of supply chains, all the logistics suppliers cherish ample space for producing long-term partnership with their customers. This results in excellent client retention.

Henceforth, with a dedicated mobile app, you can connect with the customer on another level. In addition, you can keep them informed on custom recommendations and instant updates.

8. Pocket-Friendly and Efficient Approach 

Last but not least, what matters the most is “Funds”.

So, it makes it imperative to hire a mobile app developer to make your logistic app a big success. Also, discussing the advantages of a logistic company, the app development process can be a genuine saviour for it.

This is because it helps them to get the real-time information of the volume and movement of the goods. Moreover, it even keeps the manpower streamlined and optimized. As an outcome, the mobile application optimizes the operational cost, as well as efficiency, which is something industries, would like to settle for.

9. Minimal Human Errors

Human errors are probable when there is a lot of paperwork and other mutual operations. Your custom logistic app brings automation in the process while simplifying the complications of your businesses.

What’s more?

It helps you get connected with the clients, drivers, and other stakeholders on a 24*7 basis, which further assists you to resolve queries almost instantly.

Along with this, you can make your business more customer-centric by integrating CRM software in the app. Accessing ERP on the move through the app can also assist you to allocate the work to the respective persons that further reduce the chances of errors.

In The End…

With each passing day, the world is inclining more towards a technological friendly application, and mobile apps have evidently changed the facets of numerous industries consisting of the logistic and transport.  

So, if you are looking for a trusted and affordable app development company that acts as the catalyst to establish your brand name like Uber in-cab booking, then nothing fits better than Appsted.

Now, you must be thinking about why “Appsted”?

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