How to create a great digital business card on iPhone using an app

iPhone apps are really grabbing the attention of the users of the smartphones because of the unique features that these apps have and which make the tasks of the users quite easy. In this world of multimedia and digitality, it is becoming important for the business owners of every age to take the help of the advanced technologies and keep a step forward to remain ahead of their competitors. In these days, each iPhone app development company

is coming up with some interesting apps which are really significant for the iPhone users.

Similarly, here are some apps that we will be discussing about which will help the freelancers or any kind of business owners to showcase their services and qualifications to get a large number of audience for their business and can get more customers or clients.

The digital business cards created using the apps on iPhone are very much easy to send to anyone who may be interested in your business. These digital cards have all the info that is required for your clients and customers to contact you as well as know about the details of your business/ product or service. One can owe all the credit about these apps to every other iPhone app development company that is creating these apps. Moreover, one can write about the location of the business easily and then, contacting becomes much more easier.

Top iPhone apps that let you create digital business card easily:

● CamCard:

CamCard is one of the best business card applications, there are good reasons to choose this app if you are an iPhone user. It is very intuitive when it reads and scans cards in more than 15 languages. You can also import data from social media sources. You can try it for free, but the app offers a business package package of $5 per user per month and $12 per user per month.

● SnapDat:

SnapDat is a free digital business card application that can be easily integrated with an iPhone address book. SnapDat Business Card “Express Card” can be shared by e-mail or application. With this application, you can create multiple digital business cards for different purposes. It is suitable for both personal and commercial purposes.

● Knowee:

Knowee offers a number of important features such as clickable links and thumbnails, detailed storage systems, direct card calls. This app has one year free basic and advanced program, but the business plan is 74 cents a month for $3.55 per person.

● eVaunt:

Use this app to create responsive digital design business cards for mobile devices and unique websites. With eVaunt, you can also embed Google Maps, upload profiles, and view social network icons as well which are clickable.

● Inigo:

Use this app to create a theme that manages the digital business cards behind the app and you can use them for group labels. This is surely a unique app built by a great iPhone app development company. Inigo is available for Apple and Android devices as well. The standard version of the system is $5.49 a month and is charged annually. There is also a free version.

● Haystack:

This is a modern business card solution that allows anyone to receive a card without installing an application. Haystack also lets you scan, share, update, and save your contacts with a simple card solution. You can also create cards from scratch easily. This application’s premium program costs $4 per month and the company plan costs $199 a month. FREE programs can be used forever.

So, we discussed about the apps that help the iPhone users create some really beautiful and dynamic business cards using the above apps. With these apps made by a professional iPhone app development company, one can ensure the building of business cards very easily.

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