IoT Mobile App Development Trends For 2020

IoT Mobile App Development

A day without Mobile App, Oh the trauma!

Mobile App Industry has drastically been growing over the years. Regardless of the business domain, the brands and organizations now understand the need for integrating the latest mobile app development technologies. This not only helps these firms to maximize their growth or ROI, but it contributes highly in reaching the target audience.

Adequate research by App Annie states that by the year 2022, the annual mobile app downloads would reach about 258 billion targets. That’s a 45 per cent increase from 178 billion downloads in the year 2017.

This projects that the usage and the demand of the mobile apps have come to a point where it would only grow rather than it declining anytime soon. However, only with the implementation of the right IoT Mobile App Development strategy, a business is likely to have success. Therefore, here are some of the most useful and trending strategy that would bring out the best from your business in the year 2020

But First, What Exactly is IOT Mobile App Development Strategy?

IOT Mobile App Development Strategy

The IoT technology has the power to connect smart devices and physical objects that essentially create a controlled network for constant communication and exchange of data. Powered with the help of automated technologies, the internet of things connect devices that can operate efficiently and also remain accessible to the user 24/7.

Therefore, IOT mobile app development techniques have lots of power to produce opportunities that can change the way how the customer and the brand tend to interact. And to get the best results, the business should know how to leverage these strategies. Here are some profound trends that have been influencing the market and would continue to do so in the future.

Leading IoT Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

Just to keep up with the outgrowing demand of Mobile app, Mobile app industry is one of those that keep refining and updating itself. After making an in depth analysis of the mobile app industries, here are some of the most trending industries.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

There is no doubt to the fact that Artificial Intelligence has conquered the market today. By being the centre of attraction to every mobile technology AI and ML has been contributing in the field of mobile development. The integration of AI with the mobile app has not only made it smarter, but it has saved a lot of time too. AI and ML have influenced services that include home delivery apps, online shopping, cab service and many such things.  

And in the year 2020 Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role, besides the enhancement of existing application on the web many other tools like AI-based camera, translation of voice, identification of the user ID etc would find its way in the smartphones.

The combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning is and can be useful in mobile development technologies. Not only this, but the combination is capable of learning behavior and the actions of regular usage pattern and implementation of necessary measures without any instructions. Like in the future ML has the capability of understanding the buying behaviour of the user with the help of previous data it has conquered. Hence, the next time a customer shops the app itself guides the buyer towards the desired product without having to browse through it.

2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR have already marked its place in the world of gaming and video field. It is one of those IoT Mobile App Development Trends that showcases the power of innovation and reality experience. Ikea, Gap and much such organization that uses the features of AR and VR to make a sale is an excellent example of this reality revolution. They offer features that include the environmental study of the products they are selling, motion tracking and the blueprint of how the reality would look like.

In the year 2020, it is expected that the field of AR and VR based ideas would be fully functional in the mobile app. It would be beneficial of the industries that are into healthcare, education, retail, marketing and tourism. Not only this but the power of AR and VR would be foreseen in social media too. Hence, 2020 is bright for AR and VR technology.

3. BlockChain


With IoT being the centre of attraction to all the fields, there are some plastering issues that it faces, which affects the overall growth of the internet of things and its adoption. The scalability, cost, security and many other things are affected by global growth. A majority of these problems are easily tracked to centralize the network.

Thus, being centralized is minimal to zero guarantees that the security would not be compromised, primarily when a specific party holds the data.

Therefore, blockchain being centralized eliminates the issue of lack of security and thus, it is controlled with the help of one party. One of the main advantages of the combination of blockchain and IoT is that it enhances the speed and the security, which results in building up of trust and overall cost of the business.

In other words, the year 2020 would be significant for blockchain technology as it would contribute mainly to the field of data protection, digital currency, home security and item tracking. You can Hire Mobile App Developer that are efficient in combination both the technologies together with your mobile app.

4. Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Smart cities has become a thing, and the year 2020 is also constituted to be the same. 2020 and the year to come would be seen as the inception of many internet of things applications which would only be directed in improving social, financial and environmental element of urban living. The IOT tech and brands are expected to spend a whopping amount of $80 billion by 2050 that would become a necessary factor in the goal to improve the quality of living,  and sustainability.

IOT would offer new opportunities for cities to use up the data that manages traffic, cut pollution and would help in making a better infrastructure to keep the citizens safe. The full integrated approach tends to fulfil the vital requirements, and enhance the efficiency.  

In the year 2020, the technology will control these systems; it would be controlled by ‘smart apps.’ A well-developed app  would be able to compare and examine the data that would give the users a pragmatic and an knowledge of the ‘what’ and ‘how.’The ‘what’ and ‘how’ are concluded by using cloud-based technology. Governments would require to construct data centres to know the data and control the technology with smart apps to create a policy change and understand its implications.

5. Smart Homes and Wearable Devices

Smart Homes and Wearable Devices

The technology is advancing with the passage of time, and the fact that it would tend to improve in coming years would be tough to resist. The users would find this emerging technology of the smart homes in unrealistic toys, finding it hard to resist. The market of IoT tools and services for the smart home is incredibly broad as well as diverse. Some of the examples would be Amazon Alexa, Google home assistance, senor strip, smart locks etc.

Even the wearable devices are a hot topic these days. It has been contributing mainly in the field of health and fitness-centric wearable devices that provides the user with biometric measurements like the calculation of heart rate, perspiration, and analysis of calories and oxygen levels in the bloodstream. Some of the additional features that are provided by the wearable devices are more attractive; they tend to provide data that is useful in adjusting environmental controls. The wearable devices are allowed to connect the device around the home also. Perhaps it is used in controlling the preferred lighting level while watching TV from a specific chair. The user can turn the TV, and the device would be able to help them in adjusting the lighting level from the connected LED lights within the room.

In the End

There is no denying to the fact that the new technologies in the mobile application are affecting every niche and market place virtually. Regardless of what the businesses are offering the developer would need to conduct Android App Development or IOS app development in such a way that the future of these mobile trends is secured. The year 2019 was the trendsetter in creating and implementing the technologies that construct a better result.

The year 2020, however, seems to be more advanced and would bring a myriad of opportunities in-app ideas as well as features. If you are seeking the kind of help which would bring about these changes, then Xicom is the hero for you. We have been providing these services for over a decade now, and thus are quite efficient in this field. To check our work, you can have a look at our company’s portfolio, which our experts have created over the past few years. We are known for providing services that not only fetch ROI’s to the user, but it also saves them a lot of time.

Therefore, you can get in touch with us or contact us for your future ventures and projects. Our team of professionals and experts would try to help you as much as they can.

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