How Much Does It Cost To Build GPS Navigation App In 2020

Cost To Build GPS Navigation Mobile App Development

Since the inception of smartphones and pocket desktop, various types of applications have come and gone. However, GPS navigation app development are a popular choice nowadays.

The reason is apparent – “ It helps location-oriented business to comprehensively locate, manage, and control their assets and employees and even individuals to reach their destination without any hassle.

GPS is the hot hub for every leading mobile app development company with the potential to unfurl the digital solutions for every nook of the conceivable business activities today. Undoubtedly, GPS is the imperative in today’s scenario, where all modern-day smartphones and computers have this feature incorporated.

It’s core foundation is to provide “Real-Time Tracking”.

This helps enterprises to startups in enhancing their services and sales, while minimizing the costs effectively. While developing any app with unique and inventive feature, including the GPS feature proves to be a cost-effective approach, that proffers organizations and firms with the potential to keep continuous eye and lookout for their valuable resources.

As per statista, the year 2018 witnessed a behemoth percentage of 61.2% people accessing the internet from their mobile phones. While, in 2020 it’s predicted to reach 2.87 billion.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Developing A Navigation Mobile App

The pioneering app development company abide by its core motive to develop a location-based mobile app to collect data and information about the current location of the user. This data and the resulting information can be put into the right use for distinctive businesses from varied dimensions of the industry.

Following are few to list ideas and purposes to start right away with your next big thing in the app industry.

1. Door-Step Delivery Based Business

Door-Step Delivery Based Business

Right from ordering food online to shopping online, every business is marking its online presence with reliable service to hire mobile app developers. So, to deliver an unforgettable experience to your customers, the navigation feature is a must in your app.   

It helps the delivery person to get the right route and deliver within the defined timeline. This ensures timely delivery with improved client relationship and revenues. Moreover, daily commuting services like cab services and buses need to ensure convenient pick-up, tracing the right route and utmost importantly, the safety of the passenger.

2. Optimal Fleet Management

Optimal Fleet Management

Now is the era of digitization. And, today’s daily commuting is an essential part of it.

Did you ever whim about booking a cab will be a matter of touch?

Thus, by providing vehicles with mapping and routing functionality, it can get a report generated instantly by the app. Getting notifications in the perspective of sudden changes or emergencies is also possible.

The location tracking features in the mobile provides a free approach from buying and installing a different GPS device, as the app can be installed in the driver’s smartphone for easy locating the vehicle position.

3. Inclination Towards Outdoor Activities

The location-based app is not just confined to professional culture. But, on the contrary, is crafting a nook for adventure lovers. These kinds of apps enable people, get inclined towards outdoor activities.

For instance, you can plan the route and information about the distances and approximate reaching time. The best part of mobile navigation app is that it doesn’t let you get lost.

The Common Features Of A GPS Navigation App

Features Of A GPS Navigation App

The evaluation cost of a navigation app depends upon the features included in it.

Voice Directions
  • Voice Directions: Voice direction is the early entrant in the navigation apps. It commenced with the Google maps, and Google maps API let developers avail a list of real-human voices detailed turn-by-turn instructions, for the route user is taking.

This feature is a must as it let driver focus on the driving instead of looking on to the map, reducing the chances of accident on the road.

  • Authorization: It’s specifically for the social applications like Ola, Uber. In these kinds of app it’s necessary to provide the user registration feature. Including this feature enables the user to write a review about the ride, track the previous ride, save the required trip information, communication with other users and many more features to list.  
Geo location
  • Geo-location: This is one of the primitive feature to be developed while sketching down the process requirements and features of a navigation app. With the help of geolocation feature, the location of the device can be traced and the services can proffered accordingly.

All this turns a reality with the help of satellites, as technology receives information about about the location.

  • Offline Tracking: This feature helps to track your team and other remotely working staff location, distance traveled, route, and even traces the call log.

How To Build A Navigation App?

how to build a navigation app

Let’s start with Building a navigation app for “Android version”.

Android users are on an ever-increasing number in comparison to the iOS. The biggest reason behind this is the affordable prices, easy and flexible to use, SDK’s and lines of codes, the API’s and lastly, it’s an open-source and anyone can use it to build their own plugin.

Therefore, it’s one of the whopping reason why a huge number of Android users make a large market for GPS (Global Positing System) oriented navigation app on the Android platform.

So, before hiring an Android app development company, keep in mind the following crucial factors:

  • The Android applications are basically developed in Java and Kotlin programming languages which run on JVM (Java Virtual Machine).
  • The most-preferred IDE (Integrated development environment) used to build the app is IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Google Maps Services API is used to implement and integrate GPS geo-location feature into Android navigation apps as it is considerably fast and precise.
  • If in some scenario, the driver opts for the wrong direction, the app should remodel the route. This feature proves to be very advantageous.
  • Built-in voice search is another feather added in the Android hat, which makes the user reply instantly for the desirable destinations and therefore, the app will execute the search automatically.
  • Google Contacts and Google Local are two of the useful features which help users in collecting information about nearby locations and previous visits.

Now, Let us discuss the development of an iOS navigation app.

To create an iOS version of a navigation app, first and foremost is to hire an iPhone app developer. The next comes, the necessity of a Macbook or iMac with SDK (Software Development Kit) and with the latest installed Xcode version.

As SDK and Xcode both are available in the app store and both should include compilers, tools, frameworks.

So, before starting with the making of your project for iOS platform, pay attention to the following points.

  • Latest mac Operating System and iOS apps are coded in the Swift programming language, and the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used in Xcode.
  • Apple’s MapKit framework is used to implement and integrate GPS geolocation for native iOS navigation applications.
  • The experts choice is ArcGIS Runtime Software Development Kit to accomplish maps into your apps which provides the access to custom off-the-grid Apple maps.
  • Some more helpful features like showing nearest gas stations and establishments should be added.

Concluding.. Undeniably, Navigation mobile app development is the 2020’s new normal, especially in cross-platform app development landscape. Also, it helps startups to the big names have complete control over their moving assets, as it makes easy to manage and optimize the business processes.

Thus, hire app developer from Appsted that walks the extra mile to deliver innovative app to scale new businesses heights with products that speak about themselves.

Lastly, to bring your rough sketch into an alluring reality “Appsted” is a modern technology company that charter to gratify business organizations in optimizing the business working thus upholding their overall productivity and efficiency.

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