Creating Fitness Mobile Apps To Help You Eat Healthy & Stay Fit

Fitness Mobile App Development

What if I tell you shedding weight is as easy as downloading an app, would you believe me?

In theory, it’s a simple to-do list – “Eat Less And Exercise More”. While, in reality, there is a lot more to it than you think. Having the knowledge what you are eating is right for you, and what is just a waste of food, is a necessary part of a complete healthy diet.

In the urge of eating a little healthier or shedding a few pounds, “Effective workouts” also act as a boon, but until they are expertly planned, targeted, and efficient. But, unless you are a certified personal trainer, building routines and abiding by it is no easy feat.

After all, thanks to the technology and app development company, staying fit like a pro that too without gushing hefty price tag, is made possible with a fitness app.

As technology let us unwrap the mobile apps for almost everything in our daily life, fitness application is also among them. They give the user an easy accessibility to use the app from any nook, even it doesn’t matter if you are on a holiday, you wont be far from your fitness guru.

I understand hitting the gym hard is a voluminous and unentertaining task. Then, coming back home, and shouting “Oh God, Please carry me home”? Does it sounds familiar?

So, when you create your own iOS and Android app, your user will be able to stay fit and attend the gym anywhere and anytime. Keeping the sportsman spirit like cycling, swimming aside.

But, here your utmost concern is how to make a fitness app for your business? What are the considerations before you start planning the app?

So, before you jump straight to the nutshell, I have put aside few other issues which will help you in establishing the fitness app that will be future ready. Don’t worry it’s pretty simple to start.

What is the first step in developing a fitness app, will only b clear when you have an understanding of the different types of fitness app that are released in the market.

Variations Of Fitness App | Android & iOS App Development Services

1. The tracker One Apps

The tracker One Apps

As it goes with the name, these apps are developed and programmed to track the activities done by the users. Specifically, talking about the tracking fitness apps can be coded to track one activity or sport the user is opting.

Else, it can be functioned for keeping track of many activities like cycling, swimming, and exercise schedules. The core motive of developing these kinds of apps are not what workout you do – but keeping track of your workout. For example, Runtastic is an app based on these principles.

2. The Meditation-Yoga App

You don’t have to be full-blown “Yogi” to practice yoga or meditation. Simply, hire Android developer with proven track record and experience in building the fitness app that let users learn the positions, postures, mudras, and eventually master the art of shapes.

You can try out Asana Rebel. This minimal fitness app provides a perfect comprehensive introduction to the regime, instead of bombarding you with pop-up notifications.

3. The Diet Instructor

The Diet Instructor

The diet and nutrition apps might appear to be less complicated in design in comparison to other fitness applications, but development requires the same effort and coding. The database has to be strong enough – so the time user look up your eats by merely scanning the bar code.

Moreover, you can use the recipe calculator for having your own creation. It will also track the user activity and can customize a healthy diet accordingly to the goal.

An excellent example is “Lose It”! This app provides functionalities like managing the diet according to the height, weight, age, work schedule and lot more constraints. Moreover, you can check the calorie count of the food while buying through their inbuilt chart or just by manually putting the values.

So, while you work on your fitness app, you can experiment like this by compiling the features and charts within your app along with providing the barcode.

4. The Sprint Interval Training App

These are also popularly known as High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT apps. These apps are for fitness freaks which includes short videos or high-intensity workouts performed by professionals.

Precisely, these apps are not for the newbies as the training can be complex, hard, and intensity driven, especially for 10 -15 minutes long. So, they are developed through the pioneers of the Mobile app development company which help in putting the right pieces to complete the image.

One example is “Workout Trainer” which includes customized exercises for their users. You can create Android and iOS version both for your app, just a whim!

5. Personal Trainer App

Personal Trainer App

Another niche in the fitness app is the personal training app. These apps solely focus on helping users hire trainers while being able to see the videos made by their trainers.

Therefore, they will be able to see and observe the videos and workout accordingly. The exciting feature in this app is live streaming, as it will help in understanding and performing the exact exercises. So, with the trainer able to see how his trainees are doing while the user can see what the instructor is doing and follow accordingly.

Even, with a face-to-face feature, keeping an eye becomes comfortable with a ray of hope for better activities.

The Business Model To Make A Fitness App

The Business Model To Make A Fitness App

To turn your idea a reality you need a particular plan to start and the right Mobile app development Services. The sketch should consist of the essential elements that are important to establish your business. There are a lot of features to be considered before making the final decision. But the crucial one is listed here like:

  • Plan
  • Set of guidelines
  • Design and designing
  • Availability of the content
  • And lot other lists

1. Sketch Down The Project

The time you grab your coffee mug and start with your project planning, you might need help from a business analyst or begin with planning your project that later can be discussed with the experts.

Whereas, if you are certain with the plan, then you can proceed further to create an Android or iOS app without usher need to hire Android developers or iOS experts for your project. The plan is the discussion or documentation with the kind of fitness app you want to make, and the company you are approaching for the development process, the designers you will hire, and the fitness experts who will part of the development process to help you determine the data initiated through the app.

2. Look For The Resources Availability

The time you hire mobile app developer, it’s your sole responsibility to make sure the content that you plan to fill in your app is ready-to-use. The components like images, quotes, videos, music, integration, social media integration. Along with other apps that will allow you to synchronize your app in their apps with the basic features.

In short, all the necessary items you need to develop a fitness app.

3. Designing The Application

Designing The Application

When the time approaches to design your fitness app you can adept to customize the design in the same way you do with the development process. When you provide the design, the designer will work according to the creative brief that is given to him in the beginning of the process.

Moreover, if it’s revamping your app and you have the idea of what you want in design, a few moderations has to be done and the task is under the list of completions.

Lastly, the designer is responsible for crafting and curating the apps UI/UX starting from the icons, buttons, to home pages and all.

4. Time For Development

Now, the time approaches for the real demur – The Development Process”. You have to select your Android or iOS app development company and have to share your requirements, specifications like what kind of app you want and what are the features you are looking to add into it.

Whereas, the next question comes to how to make a fitness app – which platform to develop your app?

So, if you know the technologies, you can share the information with the Android and iOS app development service provider as well. The foremost question will be to select the right platform to launch your app, irrespective of Android and iOS; even both can be considered together with the inception of hybrid apps.

After you have given the requirements and details, the developers will start accordingly on the grounds.

5. Test! Test! Test!

Mobile App Test Before Launched

The final test of the app and nevertheless of the Android and iPhone app development company is the biggest challenge in the complete development process. The final testing is to be done before it’s deployed and launched in the market for use.

The early the business model and the app idea has commenced making a fitness app, the sooner you have the scope to think about how to bag those extra bucks.

Did you ever think of going that way?

It’s another walk on cake. Just consider some crucial turnovers and you are done with your job.  

In The Last… The initial cost of development can only be evaluated and calculated when the proper documents are described with the requirements. As the cost depends upon the features that you want to include in the UI/UX design, you choose to build your fitness app on aligning with the best app development company.

So, at Appsted, we understand the needs of the clients and their health. As if one fails to watch out for health, it won’t be as productive as we ought to be. It’s essential to invest your time and dollars in your health with developing your own mobile app as wealth will follow.

In clear words, hire app developer that will craft your simple yet remarkable fitness app attracting the user, as well as motivating and influencing them to stay fit and happy.

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