Why hire iPhone Developers: Some Noteworthy Reasons!

The iPhone app development market is booming which is leading to the rise of demand of iPhone app developers. A concrete reason behind the tremendous rise in the development of iPhone app development is surely the understanding of the necessity of much advanced and innovative apps which can be developed in Apple IDE Xcode as compared to the Google Android Studio.

Why you must have an iPhone app for your business?
Hire iPhone App Developers

If you are still looking for reasons on why should you hire iPhone developers who are certified and experienced enough, then we are going to give you some simply sweet reasons, that will make you feel drool over to get your business app developed right now:

1.The business market is replete with so many apps currently, that it becomes almost impossible to carve a unique niche in the market. What a successful business needs is an exceptionally perfect app able to impress every kind of human being on the planet. If you are lucky enough to do so, good for your business.

A thing to remember- you will need generous help from a professional iPhone app development company!
2. Choosing a wrong and completely inexperienced iPhone app development company can drag you in the quagmire. It is very difficult to handle such situations when your money is on stake. It will lead to delayed app launches and nothing will go as planned. It will affect your whole brand marketing strategy to the core level and you sure don’t want this to happen.

3. Third thing, you should be yourself able to strike a difference between a good iPhone app development company and the best one. The company you choose for your project should have employed certified developers only. It should be well-certified with the standards of international coding. Counterfeiting these standards, your chosen company can fail to achieve the goals you might have set for your brand.
4.  Idea protection agreement is another factor which most of the owners might fail to discuss with the company when they start off with the project. You have an idea and you should be telling it to the developers of the company which will create your app. Suppose, they try to steal your ideas and make an app out of it for themself or they leak your information to your competitors? Then, you might not be able to help yourself at any cost because you will lose your hard-thought ideas. In case, you choose a professional company, you get copyrights on your app as well as your confidential information is kept private.

5. Another benefit that any brand or a company gets by hiring the most professional iOS app development company is that only skilled developers will handle your project. It also means that you will get 24/7 support whenever you need. It’s not only the matter of support when the project development is in process. It also means that after your iPhone app is launched, you will get full-fledged support to handle any customer queries as a professional iPhone app development company never backs off in the hour of need.

To conclude:

It should always be the motive of the entrepreneur to only hire iPhone developers who are very much skilled and certified to create some innovative apps. A few of the major checkpoints are:

1. Check the certifications of the company.

2. Check with the clients and past customers.

3. Ask for portfolio.

4. Ask for fair price and do some research beforehand.

What’s New in iOS 11.1 That You Should Know?

Tim Cook at the WWDC announced that iOS 11 is the next-generation of Apple Operating Systems as well as the most advanced and best update till now. There were many rumours before iOS 11 was actually launched on September 19.

Bloggers and market analysts were all into forecasts and plethora of blogs written on how the changes will effect the iPhone users as well as iOS app developers since they have to follow the guidelines issued by every new update while building the apps for iPhone. If the iOS app developers don’t follow the updated guidelines or don’t update the old versions of their apps, their apps may go obsolete with new versions of iOS for iPhone or iPad.

Now, we get straight to the changes introduced in the iOS 11 version. Subtle design changes to interface elements were made within the operating system of Apple. A complete makeover can be seen in the apps like Calculator. Also, Phone has a new look. These are comparatively small changes as compared to the major changes made in the interface of Control Center and Lock Screen.

The Control Center is no longer split into multiple screens. We see a broad range of settings on the Control Center. What’s really impressive is that the Control Center is highly customizable according to which every user can customize it according to their needs.

With 3D touch integration, you don’t need to open the Settings app anymore and can perform similar functions with 3D touch integration. Isn’t it a cool and time-saving feature?

Talking about the Notification Center, it has been merged into the lock screen which may not be a good change for all. Notification Center has been totally dissolved and when you swipe down, all you see is the Lock screen instead of notification center.

As we were able to see Today View with a side swipe, you can still see it and there are no visible changes to this section though the only change you will see is that notification center is gone.

There are a lot more changes in iOS 11 update and after that iOS 11.1 was launched recently on Oct 31.

There are new additions to the emojis in iOS 11.1 and some design changes to emoji symbols. Along with that there is new 3D Touch App Switcher to bring up the multitasking App Switcher interface.

A fix for reachability bug has been introduced that was a serious problem in iOS 11. It was related to WiFi connection.

iOS 11.2 Beta version released:

Apple has launched latest version iOS 11.2 to beta testers and developers.

iOS 11.2 will be released soon and let’s see what’s all new it will bring about. It is certain that whatever Apple brings as new features always affect the iOS developers who have to keep them updated every time Apple launches new version. This is the reason, why you should hire iOS developer after properly checking their knowledge and their intelligence on the recent changes made by the Apple community.