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In this world of competition, it has become imperative for every business to have an app that is very much dynamic and functional at the same time. Entrepreneurs are quite of the fact that an app may or may not matter in their business growth! But the truth is that it requires a brand to go a step ahead to get the most out of the digital transformations happening currently in the world from a past few years.

Why prefer iPhone app development over other platforms?

As we talked about the importance of having an app for a business, Android and iPhone app development- both are equally profitable. But, some of the powerful and robust features that one can provide to their customers are only available for iOS devices that are exclusive for iPhone and other devices.

There are so many features of iOS that are rolled out every now and then, this keeps the users of iOS devices on toes and they keep coming back for more. That is why, an expert developer can infuse some amgical features into your business app so that your app users are never bored from using your app. This fulfils your purpose of earning high and leverage profits from the app especially, if you have an ecommerce app!

Why choose AppSted over others?

We have got some solid facts that ensure that AppSted is a right choice for your business app development as compared to any other iPhone app development company.

● Strong workforce of 250+ mobile app developers.
● 8+ years in iPhone app development operations.
● 5000+ apps already delivered to the clients worldwide.
● Deployment of High-performance and cutting-edge technology.
● Highly dedicated team of iPhone app developers.
● Outstanding and attractive yet clean UI/ UX of the iPhone apps.

How does the team at AppSted work for the clients?

The talented and expert team in AppSted deploys the value-driven software outsourcing solutions beyond imagination. It is the key to develop ultra-successful mobile apps as our team believes that every business or brand is unique in itself and deserves special attention to detail in app development process.

Agile technologies implemented in app development process:

We know it well that the agile technologies form the foundation of any app and also decide upon the future of the iOS app deployed by any iPhone app development company. We use the following methodologies only:

Programming Tools and Languages being utilised at AppSted:

● Swift
● Objective C
● CoreGraphics API
● Cocoa Touch Development
● SQLite database
● XCode 7

We keep up-to-date round the clock!

Our USP of keeping the things updated revolves around two aspects:

First, we know how important is it to keep up with the announcements of Apple INc. team at Worldwide Developer Conference – WWDC so that we can carve out unique strategies to create some very powerful apps for your business with immersive functionalities. After all, an immersive user-experience is the goal of a great iPhone app development company.

Benefits of hiring the team of iOS developers at AppSted:
● iPhone App Development
● Hire iPhone Developers
● Enterprise iOS Apps
● Maintenance & Support

Our Work Processes:

● Chart out your Project Requirements
● Choose Project
● Terms and Timelines
● 100% secure payment
● Exceptional Quality
● Result-Driven Methodologies
● Competitive Pricing
● 24/7 Technical Support
● Customer-satisfaction
● ISO 9001 Processes
● Skilled Developers

You can talk to us directly or contact us through the contact form on our website. If you have any queries or want to discuss about your project, we are happy to assist you. Our expert representatives are always available this side.

5 Free iPhone Apps For Everyday Use

Phone is undeniably the most popular smartphone in the world. By beefing it up with the best apps, the iPhone becomes an amazing utility device. From social media apps to QR scanners, the phone is capable of making the lives of the users easier and more enjoyable. Below is the list of 5 iPhone apps which are easy to use and are practical for daily use.

  1. Prisma (Photos)

Prisma is available for free on the App Store. This app has given a new dimension to iPhone apps development for picture editing apps. Prisma takes the photos and filters them into different art styles. The filters and effects are quite sharp. The app can be used skillfully to spark up the social media presence of your brand. Combined with the camera resolution of the iPhone, you can get amazing pictures which are no less than pieces of art.

  1. SwiftKey (Keyboard)                                                                                     

SwiftKey is a wonderful substitute for the regular virtual keyboard for iOS. The app is basically a much smarter keyboard which takes over the built-in keyboard of the iPhone. In addition to it, the SwiftKey keyboard cuts off the needless auto-correct feature and syncs with your style. With time, SwiftKey will study your typing style and give you a refined auto-correct and word predictions. The keyboard is brimmed with 800+ emojis and has options for in-app purchases to reach the iPhone app development company for more custom features.

Hire iOS developers

  1. Twitter (Social Media)

Although every social media has a vast community of followers, the one that is leading the charts nowadays is Twitter. This social media app for iPhone allows you share updates in an attractive manner in the form of photos, content, videos and links.

Twitter has become a common channel for business promotions as well as a primary tool for marketing. Twitter is the best way to reach out the maximum audience, from TV viewers to sports fans political activists, event organizers and much more.

  1. Microsoft Outlook (Utility)

Microsoft Outlook is an all-in-one app which features email, contacts, calendars etc. in a single place for the convenience of users. Outlook arranges the most important emails and messages in the focused tab and all the others in another tab. By installing this app on your iPhone, you can set reminders, schedule meetings, and link files across your multiple accounts.

The app is getting popular, especially among business owners as the app helps them in keeping track of all important events and meetings. By synchronizing your incoming messages as per the importance, this official email app from Microsoft makes life much easier.

  1. Do! (To-Do Lists)

For those who believe that simple is the best way for a to-do list, the Do! app is the best option. Sometimes, listing applications are a bit complex. Do! is a wonderful alternative with a wide range of widgets. It is a simple and streamlined app that makes it easy to keep a track of shopping lists and other tasks.

Sometimes the capability to personalize the list of things to be done is a crucial part of actually doing the things. Do! certainly is the best app for that.

Not Just iOS, Develop Your Android Mobile App Using Swift

Apple launched Swift 2 in its last WWDC, which is an updated version of Swift, which is its programming language to program OSX, IOS, WatchOs as well as TvOs. This language is great for creating as well as to improving the efficiency and performance while developing apps and even helps to program devices for the much hyped ‘Internet of things’. Presenting to you an all new version of Swift, which also include attributes that are made to change the way we take programming.

Swift 2 is launched with power pack features that are good enough to make it easy for you to code in a simple and quite an intuitive way such as the Xcode 7 tools which allows you to develop applications that can function on Apple devices or have the possibility to make use of protocol extensions. On the top of all the features that are quite incredible for Swift is that it is an open-source language . Making Swift an open source language is one of the possibility that Apple is trying to break the operating system rule and making it easy for not only professional iPhone app developers but also for Android developers as well.

Along with this, it also comprises of a brand new model for handling errors, and it further makes it quite easy to catch as well as throw errors, makes the compilation faster and offers new Objective-C features for instance nullability and generics annotation. There are new improvements in the syntax improvements which make the code quite safe as well as clean.


Swift for iOS and Android

Swift is not just a programming language which is developed by one of the biggest companies in the world but has more to it what meets the eye. Swift has got significant support from IBM and also from several other apps such as Pixelmator, Lyft, or Vimeo.

Swift was created as a substitute language of Objective-C, with an intention to improve the programming experience of the coders.

Making Swift an open source programming language opens up a lot of discussions that whether the developers be able to render iOS apps on Android devices and what kind of reaction will Google have on this.

Now that we know that Swift has opened up to build applications for different operating systems, however, Apple still holds the control of the SDKs (Software Development Kit) which means that the developers need to make use of Mac to developer apps or software for OS x and iOS.

If Google is further going to switch to Swift, we need to take into account that the portability to Android is not quite easy.

The reason being is that then Google will need to make the complete standard library compatible with Swift as well as APIs programmed in C++, as these languages are not compatible with Swift.

As we know that Swift is going to be an open source programming language, major brands such as Google, Facebook as well as Uber contemplated on making Swift as their “first class” programming language for Android. Wherein, Facebook and Uber are also looking to make Swift the center of their operations.

We know that Java is the programming languages which is supported by Android, and as per sources, we know that Swift is not going to replace Java anytime soon. Though a litigation is going on with Oracle, which is an area of concern, sources say that Google opines that Swift when compared with Java.

Moreover, being an open source language will easily enable them to adapt it for Android without having to change its mobile structure which is itself an open source.

What is Google’s take on it?

As it is the replacement of Objective-C, Swift has quickly made it space among the developers as it is quite an easy to use language as it easily helps them to code without writing much code as well clumsy parameter which is used in other languages.

You can not copy and paste Swift from any platform. Specifically, Android would need a runtime for Swift, and this is only for the starters.

Further, Google also needs to make the complete standard compatible to swift and must support the language in APIs and SDKs. Moreover, you need to re-write some low-level Android APIs, as swift cannot support them.

When could a move to Swift happen?

Well, to be precise, Swift is not going to come to any point soon. Though we can say that Swift is growing quite quickly and as per several studies we know that it is one of the fastest growing languages and becoming an open source language is what which is working as a catalyst to its growth. As per GitHub, the language is the 11th most popular language.

It was further noted that the developers having knowledge of Swift were also in demand.

As we have discussed earlier that to migrate to Swift, Google will have to write all the API and Android services again to make it compatible. Along with that Google also need to move ahead with the control over Android, which the developers need to work hard still on to.

Advantages and disadvantages for developers

When we talk about Apple, we know that it offer high-quality products as well as reliable products. Swift which is one of the products from Apple is ideal for developers and provides ample lot of benefits to the developers:

  • An open source programming language

  • Easy to create software which is compatible with all the operating systems

  • Allows you to create an operating system of your own

  • Programming is easier since it reduces the amount of code needed

  • Offers an intuitive platform

  • Compatible with Object-C and also comprises of tool to switch from Object-C to Swift

  • It provides quite an intuitive syntax, and it resembles that with Python.

All in all!

We can see that Google has already started taking steps to move away from Oracle-flavored Java. It is now making use of Open JDK for Android rather than making use of Java API, and this might consider post-Java life. Moreover, we can see that there were talks in London which were quite exploratory, which also states that Google is yet not still not much impressed from moving on from Java.

Key factors that are responsible for Swift’s success is that it renders quite swift and speedy development. Moreover, looking at the roadmap of the language we can see that it won’t be difficult to use Swift when compared with other languages such as C++. We do have Kotlin, which is an alternative. However, this is a newbie in the development world and does not have the following similar to Swift.

Swift Arrived! Holding Great Promises for iPhone App Developers

Apple has never ceased to surprise us, and last month, at the Worldwide Developers Conference, it kept up with the tradition when it announced that launch of a new programming language, Swift, which is set to be the replacement for Objective C.

Apparently, this got the whole developer community into frenzy, and understandably so. A new programming language is a development of a very large scale and it does command a lot of attention.

To begin with, you don’t have to entirely switch to Swift for developing a single app. If you are in the middle of a project being coded using Objective C, you can seamlessly use the new components and tools handed over to you by Swift.

The question, however is, will Swift be worth it? Is Swift everything that a developer wants it to be? Or has Apple just tossed at us something which is less than impressive? We are going to answer this question bit by bit:

Areas Where Swift Scores

Lucid View of the Objects: Swift will help every reputed iPhone Development Company get a clear-eyed view of the objects being used, which leads to lesser number of errors.

Real-Time Display of Output and Errors: When you are making changes to your code, you are going to get a better real time view of how it is affecting your results. Also, there is an instant feedback on the errors you make.

Leverages the Features of Scripting Languages: Swift uses the same LLVM compiler, but what gives it an edge over Objective C is the fact that it also draws in on the capabilities of scripting languages like Python.

Reduced Memory Leaks and Debugging Issues with Automatic Memory Management: Swift will provide developers with the automatic memory management feature and also a more streamlined way of debugging process that will make locating and fixing errors a job much more easier and efficient.

A fuss-Free Syntax: The syntaxes of various functions will become easier for the developers to understand and work upon, which would mean lesser development time and more output-driven programs.

Enhanced Speed and Cleaner Execution: The applications written using Swift would be much more faster and will be more attuned to the output expected of them. Swift comes across as a language to developer clutter free code that is sure in its execution, and this will have further effect on the overall functionality and execution of the app developed using the language.

Reduced Development Time: This can leverage every proficient iPhone App Developer as the development time reduces to a fairly good extent, the developers will find more room to get creative.

Swift has got Several Advanced Operators that Are Utilized More Effectively: You have the ‘&’ operator to make sure overflow and underflow are managed correctly, the same operator can also reduce the errors by using it as a character and as a prefix for operators, you can control operator overloading, and loop constructs can also be made straightforward.

Swift comes as a tool that will surely change the mobile development landscape, and by the looks of it, the change will be for good.