Which are the Things to Remember While Hiring an iOS Developer?

Today is the age of digitalization and going mobile is one of the most important part of any business strategy. Android and iOS are two major mobile platforms across the world with Apple’s iOS is preferred by so many professionals and other high-end users simply because of its features and quality. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for businesses to develop their mobile apps for iOS platform. Most of these businesses go for hiring some iOS Application Development service which delivers high quality work to develop their iOS app. But here the question is how do you know that the iPhone developer which you are hiring is the best one in the crowd? Do you know the qualities that your developer should have for developing an amazing iOS app?

Well, Now I will discuss about the few things which you should know before you hire an iOS developer for custom iOS app development.

Be Clear about Your Requirements

In the first step you will decide whether you want the developer to work remotely or from within your company. After that you can focus on the qualifications the iOS developers should have. But here the most important thing is that you should create a thorough and clear requirement document which mentions clearly and precisely about the requirements and specifications of your iOS app development project. When you give this to the company for iOS development, you can save lots of your time and efforts which otherwise you may need to spend when you would try to convey your requirements to the developers orally.

Hire a Developer Who Other than Coding Also Knows about Design, Testing etc.

iOS app development is not just about coding. It requires creativity and many other things and skills other than coding to build a successful iOS app. The app should be feature rich, functional, interactive and should be high in UI/UX aspects. For these, the developer should understand the designing part and also the utility and testing aspect of the app. So when you speak to the iOS developer make sure that he possesses all of these skills and qualities.

Experience of Working with Swift Programming Language

Swift is the latest programming language developed by Apple to develop iOS applications. It has many improvements over its earlier counterpart Objective-C. With Swift you can develop high performance, more robust, secure and stable iOS apps more easily. Hence make sure that the iPhone developer you are hiring has an experience working with Swift programming language. He should also have knowledge of networking, spatial reasoning, design guidelines, Grand Central Dispatch etc.

Creativity and Ability to Learn New Things Quickly

You should look for passionate iOS professionals who have potential to learn new things and technologies quickly, ability to think out of the box and creatively, to come up with fresh ideas and solutions to the problems easily and quickly. They should understand the objective of your company quickly. The apps which are built with creativity have more chances of success in the market.

Hire an Experienced Professional

When you need to develop an iPhone app then either you will need to develop it from the scratch or you need to upgrade an existing iPhone app and do the required bug fixing. During these instances you require an experienced iOS app developer who has experience of solving problems and issues quickly. Also these developers must be team players who are comfortable working with other developers in a team. This is important as in most of the companies there is a team of senior and junior developers who work together by dividing the work among them.


We have just discussed the things and points which you should know before you start hiring the iOS app developers to build your iOS app. Although selecting iOS developers is not much different than selecting any other kind of software developers but there are few things which you should take care of especially in the case of iOS development. For example, the iOS developer should be highly creative as they need this while thinking and giving the out of box solution to many of the problems and issues faced during iOS app development. If you consider these few points while selecting the iOS developers, then there will be more chances of success of your iOS app.

Handy List Of Announcements At Apple’s WWDC Event 2016

Recently, the Tech Giant Apple kicked off their annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in the Golden state, California. The event was put at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, where Apple announced new updates across its four software platforms. The crux of this meeting was that Apple focused on one clear underlying concept behind introducing new features: make a proper understanding for people to do things.

Of course, there are some new features which will be challenging for professional iOS app developers. But Apple is sure these were the major shifts which users were expecting, be it in Messages or the Apple Watch.

Apple WWDC Event 2016

Following are the major announcements at WDDC event, 2016.

1. Non-Apple Apps welcomes Siri

This is one of the fascinating news from Apple’s side. Apple is now welcoming third-party developers to its platform. Isn’t a great news that Apple can now interact with third party developers. Apple users can now hail Uber; it can now pay music as you demand on Spotify. Users will be able to do those things which are away from boring response which opened a Safari search result.

2. macOS Sierra

Another great news is that Apple is changing the desktop and laptop OS branding. OS X 10 will now switch to macOS Sierra. The next noteworthy feature includes the ability to auto sign-on. This will prevent the users to unlock their computers with lengthy passwords. Apple Pay will now be web-enabled, with new notification centre.

3. iOS 10

Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi expressed his delightfulness on the biggest iOS release. The critical updates include a newly designed lock screen with rich notifications, quick interactions with mobile apps, and expanded use of 3D Touch. A long requested feature by users is also no more awaited, they can now remove the stock iOS apps easily.

4. watch OS 3

Apple has brought new enhancements with its new launch watchOS 3 to the Apple Watch users. This new update for the third time allows Apple to launch apps faster than before. It has also launched new faces of the watches along with apps for Reminders and Find My Friends. watchOS 3 now also allow users to share their activity with friends which is another paramount and new safety feature here.

5. tv OS 10

tv OS 10 which is the name of next major version of the Apple TV’s software can now offer single sign-on for the cable logins. It will also include many Siri enrichments, as well as improvements regarding watching live TV.

6. Photos App

Apple has put some efforts on their Photos application. The update supports powerful search and filing on Apple devices by adding new object and scene detection. It also focused on all AI happens directly on the device itself. This would maintain greater privacy for Apple’s claim if the computation were done in the cloud.

7. Apple Maps

Apple is trying to fetch some good updates regarding Apple Maps as it is still threatening to Google Maps. Apple Maps is getting a makeover in iOS 10. Maps are now redesigned to provide navigation to its users. For instance, if there’s a lot of traffic ahead, Maps will proactively offer an alternative route and will save users time.

8. Apple Messages

From long time Apple Messages was looking outdated. The New functionality updates seem to have taken influence from the social media platforms likes of Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. Users can now embed YouTube videos easily. They can easily send “stickers,” or easily convert their text into emojis. Another big update includes the ability for developers to integrate third-party app functions into a chat.

I hope the above announcements at WWDC, 2016 will make the life of the Apple users easy, and will also fetch good business for the Apple app developers.

10 Business Lessons To Learn From The State Of Mobile App 2016 Survey

Thousands of developers come up with great app ideas, some of them do great wherein some of them fail drastically. Perhaps it is the lack of homework that people do before designing their mobile app. When clients come to us, they ask us specifically what kind of homework we need to do before developing a mobile app. There are an ample lot of surveys that people carry out to get to know the likes and dislikes people have while browsing mobile apps. The concerns are more while developing a mobile app is because the size of the devices is quite small and therefore delivering a seamless user experience becomes the prime requisite.

 Mobile App 2016 Survey

Likewise, InMobi came up with its STATE OF MOBILE APP DEVELOPERS 2016, which was a survey conducted on more than 1000 mobile app developers. Though there are umpteen number of Android as well as brilliant iOS app developers present out there, but you need to ponder over certain factors before hiring one. Let’s delve!

1. One of the major thing to note was that there is only 6 percent of the mobile app developers in the whole community that is females and rests all they are male. Apart from this we also deduced that approximately 25-34 years old and the average lies between 33. This means that the developers are young and can come up with enough innovative ideas when given proper guidance.

These young developers are quite new to the app development, and only about 34% have been in the business for about four years now.

2. Apart from this we also got to know that 80% of the people in the development are independent developers or are a majority of them are companies with only five people.

This fact is a caveat for business owners as they need to go for a background

check before hiring any random app developer.

3. The top categories in the mobile app development are games, entertainment and utility apps that still come as the favorite types.

4. Speaking of the most contentious issue in the field of mobile app development is choosing the right platform for development. Although there are two major platforms the tussle between the two is quite stiff. As per this survey, it was derived that a considerable percentage of 86% of the developers prefer Android, and 57% of them follows this prefer Apple. Moreover, it was also seen that the preferences of the developers various from region to region. Android is one the leading platform when it comes to regions such as Asia and Europe; wherein the competition is quite stiff in North America between both these platforms.

5. Programmers nowadays prefer Java and along with this Swift has become one of the popular programming languages.

6. The growing competition has made the business quite stiff with 55% of the developers can make only $1000/month, and the monthly average mobile revenue is under $6000.

7. Moreover, when it comes to the app revenue, we can see that monthly app revenue is between $5k to $11k which depends on the platform. Talking about the highest grossing platform, Windows has emerged out to be the victorious with a tally of $11.4k per month per app, as you can see that there is no fragmentation in the market and the competition is also less. Wherein when it comes to Apple iOS, the developers the revenue sums up to a total of $8.1k per app every month and speaking of Android, you get to earn $4.9k per app every month.

8. Marketing is quite an arduous task app developers as a significant 43% have been vocal about it, and around 21% have stated that design to be a daunting task. Which brings us to the point that making an app is certainly difficult wherein one of the biggest challenges for every business owner is to make the audiences feel their presence.

9. Mobile app monetization is one of the most preferred app monetization strategies, and a considerable seven among ten developers prefer this approach. Moreover, a significant 18% of them plan to adopt this as their app advertising in the coming future. 36% of the developers make use of interstitial ads and around 45% of the developers make use of banner ads for monetizing their app.

10. One of the most growing trends among mobile app is wearable apps, as other areas of human life will begin to get monitored. However, only 6% of mobile developers have landed into creating apps for wearables wherein 32% of developers opine they would like to make apps for wearables in the coming future.

All in all!

Where we all are running amok after reaping best profits in the business, we need to hold back and find out the right ways to attain our business goals. Getting acquainted with all the advancement and trends is one of the most crucial things you must know before developing your mobile app. It is quite advisable to do one’s homework before delving into things that are quite essential for your business.